Savannah Guthrie Tries Viral Trick, Getting Baby To Sleep With A Tissue, With Unexpected Results

Savannah Guthrie, like the rest of us, was curious about that whole “get your baby to sleep in under a minute” trick that’s been making the rounds on the web this week, so she tried it out on her own baby. The result was unexpected, and just goes to show that not every baby is created equal.

Guthrie says she was intrigued by the possibility of finding a tactic to get her little girl, Vale, to sleep quickly, so she tried tickling her face with a tissue like the dad in the viral video did.

“I tried it twice. Not only did it not make her quiet, it actually got her so excited she started screaming and squealing with joy… she really loved it,” Guthrie said on Friday’s episode of the Today show. She later joked that she also tried it on her husband, Mike, and that it worked like a charm.

Guthrie made headlines last week after an interview with presidential candidate Rand Paul, in which Paul lost his temper at her line of questioning.

“You once said Iran was not a threat, now you say it is. You once proposed ending foreign aid to Israel, you now support it, at least for the time being. And you once offered to drastically cut –” Savannah began.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, you’ve editorialized. Let me answer a question. You ask a question and you say, have your views changed, instead of editorializing and saying my views have changed,” Paul interrupted.

It’s not the first time Paul has gotten irritated with a journalist, and in the past he’s said that while he tries to keep his temper in check, sometimes he feels the reporter is asking questions that are meant to get him riled up.

“I’m human. I get mad sometimes. And I try to be as even keeled as I can, but sometimes like everybody else, there are interviews that I would have done differently,” Paul said.

New mom Guthrie has been very open about motherhood and the struggles that come with it, saying when she brought newborn Vale to the Today show that sleep was getting harder and harder to come by.

“She’s been perfect here, so I have an idea. We’re just gonna spend the night here, every night. She’s a good sleeper, but I mean, she’s a newborn — she’s up every couple hours. Just like Mike,” she joked. “You know, he fusses, I gotta put him down,” Savannah Guthrie said.

[Photo courtesy Today show/YouTube]