Vanishing McChicken: Magician Plays Joke On Unsuspecting McDonald’s Employees [Video]

One street magician has taken his craft to the McDonald’s drive-thru, leaving the employees stunned as a McChicken sandwich vanishes right before their eyes. The employees reactions are hilarious with many of them unable to believe what they are seeing.

In the video, we watch as the magician complains about his mysterious vanishing McChicken sandwich. The employees seem amused that they are getting their own private magic show with many of the employees yelling for others in the store to come watch the amazing trick. One employee begs the magician to tell him his secret, but he says that they “might not believe him” if he told them. The quick-thinking employee informs him he will believe just about anything because he is a firm believer in aliens. The magician then informs the pair of employees that he is able to make things disappear because he is a squirrel. The employee nods and says it is all good because he is a giraffe. Didn’t see that coming did you?

One piece of gold in the video was when an employee called the magician out for his magic trick and he responds, “No, I don’t even know how to do Harry Potter stuff.”

This isn’t the first time the magician has played a prank on unsuspecting drive-thru employees. Previously he frightened the fast food workers with his “invisible driver” prank, which made it appear as though a ghost or invisible entity was driving the vehicle and ordering food.

What do you think of the magician’s disappearing food prank?