Watch As This Chimpanzee Takes Down A Drone That Invaded Its Enclosure [Video]

Chimpanzee takes down drone

It appears that chimpanzees don’t mess around when it comes to drones invading their privacy. One chimp at the Burgers’ Zoo saw an approaching drone and took matters into his own hands.

The viral video shows a drone flying over the chimpanzee enclosure at the Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands. The drone pans over the enclose where you can see a number of chimpanzees sitting around on the ground and in the trees. However, one particularly angry looking chimp is having none of it and is waiting in the trees for the drone to approach. The chimp is armed with a long tree branch, which it uses to swat the drone from the air.

The drone falls from the sky and lands on the ground, where a chimpanzee quickly scoops up the foreign object. A chimp can be seen sniffing, biting, and tossing the drone until it determines it is of no threat and tosses it to the side.

It seems that some humans could learn a lesson or two from the chimpanzees. As the Inquisitr previously reported, parents in Alaska were concerned after children said a drone was following them home from school. Parents wanted to shoot the drone down, but police said that would be illegal. Instead, officers suggested using rocks or a slingshot to knock the drone from the sky. However, it seems, as this ambitious chimp proved, all that is needed to take down an obnoxious drone is a large stick and a little will power.