Amy Schumer Continues Busy Work With Hosting MTV Movie Awards

Amy Schumer is a very busy woman, indeed.

According to USA Today, Schumer will begin her third season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer on April 21. In July, her first movie, Trainwreck, will be released. Schumer’s also found time to host tonight’s MTV Movie Awards.

Schumer has temporarily transplanted herself on the West Coast, working hard to get these, and most likely other, projects completed. People have been noticing Schumer’s work ethic.

“She’s hands-down the hardest-working individual I’ve ever met,” said Daniel Powell, co-creator and executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer.

Powell is also working on tonight’s awards show.

Schumer doesn’t give herself much time to dwell on anything but the task at hand.

She said of the awards show, “It’s going great. We shot all the stuff for the opening. I’m feeling really good about it. I’m going to be myself.”

Does that mean her usual potty-mouthed routine will make an appearance? Not really.

“They’re really cool. They have some rules. I’m fine.”

Time is reporting that though Schumer’s hosting will be a departure, she will still glean ideas from previous hosts, such as Jon Stewart, Seth McFarland, and Ricky Gervais, all of whom had been accused of being offensive. Schumer understands the pressures they were under and is grateful for their example to follow.

“I always think hosts do a good job, honestly. And then I’ll hear, ‘People are pissed,'” Schumer said. “I know people are going to be mad, they’re going to be mad, and that’s fine.”

Though Schumer knows there are rules, she has also set herself some boundaries, proclaiming that there won’t be any roast-style musings, “there won’t be any jokes about any recent deaths or people changing their gender.” Schumer did, however, say that Kevin Hart would be a potential target.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Schumer, 33, didn’t even know she was being considered for the hosting gig until her publicist told her while she was visiting with friends from high school and some comedians after her Carnegie Hall performance.

“I’m just going to do the best job I can do and have fun, believe it or not. I’m just like, ‘let’s do it. It sounds like it’s going to be fun,'” Schumer said.

She’s been testing her hosting material on club-goers to gauge their reaction.

The MTV Movie Awards will air at 8 p.m. EST live from the Nokia theater in Los Angeles.

[Image courtesy of Popcrush]