One Direction Starring In ‘Dr. Who’ — April Fool’s Joke Or Future Reality?

One Direction the world best band

Everyone is excited for another season of Dr. Who — but are One Direction actually going to be on the show this fall, or was it all just an April Fool’s Day joke?

They say timing is everything, and this certainly applied to the media headline that One Direction and Dr. Who would be joining forces. Since the article from Hypable was published on April 1, people may have thought it was not real information and was instead a poorly executed April Fool’s Day joke.

However, this is not the first time that Dr. Who and One Direction have been linked in the first place. When Dr. Who had their 50-year anniversary, One Direction celebrated the London party from Los Angeles, where MTV reports they were having their very own 1D Day party (November 23).

One Direction stated that they were huge fans with a huge following, and they wanted to share some of their audience with Dr. Who. Like many Brits, One Direction adores Dr. Who, since it has been a big part of British pop culture for the past 50 years.

A video on YouTube shows that BBC3 newscasters tried to speak to them on the air during the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Party, but the link-up was not working correctly.

The newscaster made a joke about the impeded technology that caused Niall Horan and Zayn Malik to misunderstand what was happening at the London Dr. Who party. The newscaster said, “I love the fact that we can do amazing things with television and Dr. Who can do anything, but we can’t get [a live feed from Los Angeles to broadcast on air] without a delay.”

The part of the newscaster’s voice that was delayed then immediately replayed in an eerie manner repeatedly — and there was so much confusion that Zayn and Niall could not really ask or answer any more Dr. Who questions.

The newscaster obviously cut the conversation short between the Dr. Who cast and One Direction in that interview due to technical issues — but does that mean One Direction was destined for another chance with Dr. Who?

The article about the 2015 production of Dr. Who episodes starring One Direction starts out with a hardy “April Fools!” — with no other evidence supporting that this is all just a joke. Instead, they go ahead and list a variety of information as if it were real.

However, true fans of One Direction will soon go on to understand that it is fake once the author of the Hypable article starts quoting tweets from Harry Styles that never existed. Good one, Hypable! You really had us going for a minute — especially if we were fans of both One Direction and Dr. Who.

If you were confused at first about One Direction doing a cameo for Dr. Who, welcome to the club. Kasterborous reported Hypable‘s claim that One Direction would be a part of Dr. Who in any way was one of the top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks of 2015. This recognition was given because the way Hypable wrote the article truly had everyone confused — at first.

Kasterborous states, “You can be sure that Moffat would be well up for it if they ever were …” — insinuating that they think it would be a terrible idea if One Direction were on Dr. Who.

But is this over yet? Could Dr. Who and One Direction still be a reality in the future? In fact, a few days after the April Fool’s Day prank about Dr. Who and One Direction that Hypable pulled, Radio Times did an interview with Steven Moffat, who stated the following.

“Because it’s such an amazing format, because you can constantly revive it and re-imagine it, then as long as the people looking after it are passionate about it and the BBC is passionate about it, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t do another 50 years.”

In other words, we have the next 50 years to see if Dr. Who and One Direction one day cross paths on-screen. After all, the show (and One Direction?) is known for being unpredictable. Until then, the only thing One Direction fans can do is petition the BBC to get the gents on a future Dr. Who episode (hint, hint).

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