‘SNL’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Parody: Watch John Singleton-Type Of ‘GoT’ In ‘South Centros’ [Video]

The below video, titled “If John Singleton Directed ‘Game of Thrones,’ It Might Look Something Like This,” is getting plenty of views on Hulu and across YouTube, with viewers falling in love with the Saturday Night Live parody. Set in South Centros instead of South Central, the video shows plenty of deaths happening in a medieval manner, mixed with a Boyz N The Hood flavor.

“In a new episode guest directed by John Singleton, Game of Thrones introduces viewers to South Centros.”

The Saturday Night Live video introduces the eighth kingdom with pit bulls as a mascot — called the “Eighth Kingdom of Westeros” — with special appearances by Ice Cube, played by Kenan Thompson, who humorously lifts his cloak to show off his sword, as if it were a gun, as his enemy rides by slowly on a horse. That enemy is none other than GoT star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who shows up in a surprise cameo in the SNL sketch.

Meanwhile, Sasheer Zamata warns about all the killings happening in the violent area over “high top sandals,” instead of high top sneakers. No sooner does she warn another of the South Centros players to be careful is her character felled by a sword, wielded by Leslie Jones, who takes on the speech of that day to insult her foe.

“Ray Ray Baratheon says ‘Good morrow,’ wench.”

The SNL video is gaining buzz along with the sketch that featured Taraji P. Henson playing Nicki Minaj, as reported by the Inquisitr. With Michael Che’s character joking about the too long story, long enough to take up seven books, Game of Thrones fans delightedly get little knowing digs all throughout the skit. “Seven long-a** books” is actually what the series was called, reports Salon about the hilarious eighth kingdom full of African Americans.

In the parody, Coster-Waldau and his surprise appearance, as reported by Us Magazine‎, delivers one of the funniest lines, transforming the popular “don’t hate the player, hate the game” into a new GoT focused statement.

“Don’t hate the slayer… hate the game.”

Henson’s South Centros persona even mentions everybody dying at a red wedding, a nod to GoT’s infamous “Purple Wedding” episode, which featured death, as reported by Us.

[Image via SNL]