Two Texas Fire Chiefs, Five Firefighters Arrested Over Horrific Hazing Allegations Involving Chorizo Sausage

The Ellis County fire chief and assistant chief have been arrested, along with five volunteer firefighters and a woman, after allegations of hazing surfaced. The two fire chiefs are charged with a felony of tampering with a witness when it was discovered the pair tried to quiet a new recruit over allegations of sexual assault. Five other firefighters, along with a woman, were arrested for the hazing incident in which the trainee claims he was sodomized by a chorizo sausage.

Fox News reports that 31-year-old Chief Gavin Satterfield and 34-year-old Assistant Chief Billy Getzendaner have been suspended from their positions and arrested following a police investigation that indicates the pair tried to keep the trainee from reporting the sexual assault. Police allege that both chiefs learned of a horrific hazing incident involving a new trainee but instead of reporting the incident, the chiefs told everyone in the department to “keep their mouths shut.”

The report indicates that the police chief called in the five firefighters and the trainee into a private meeting, at which point they told everyone to keep their mouths shut or the police would be involved because it would be viewed as a sexual assault. Therefore, police claim that the two chiefs knew exactly what they were doing when they tried to quiet the witness and that their words are proof that they knew the gravity of the situation. The police report also indicates that when Assistant Chief Getzendaner watched a video of the assault, which was captured on tape, he laughed.

Following the initial investigation, five firefighters were arrested along with a woman who allegedly filmed the sexual assault. Those arrested on sex assault charges include Keith Edward Wisakowsky, 26, Casey Joe Stafford, 30, Preston Thomas Peyrot, 19, Alec Chase Miller, 28, and Blake Jerold Tucker, 19. Brittany Leanne Parten, 23, was arrested on a charge of improper photography or visual recording.

My San Antonio reports the horrific incident was caught on tape in which the men allegedly “bent the unidentified victim over a couch, pinned him face down and attempted to assault him with a broomstick before penetrating him with a chorizo sausage.” They also report that the video was watched in the presence of the five assaulting firemen and the victim, at which point the assistant chief laughed and called the video “funny sh**.” He noted during the meeting that the victim could “do something to us” but turned to the victim and said “but you won’t.”

As a result of the incident, the board voted to suspend both fire chiefs while they wait for their court date.

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Scott Barbour]