WWE News: WWE RAW To Include Several Surprises, WWE NXT Star Finn Balor Set To Make Main Roster Debut?

Balor Finn

WWE is currently on their WrestleMania Revenge tour in Europe, where they are entertaining the UK among many other European areas. WWE RAW is set to emanate from London, England this Monday. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon confirmed that RAW will go down in the O2 Arena, which is a place WWE loves visiting yearly. This year, WWE RAW in the UK could be bigger than ever before.

Michael “PS” Hayes posted a tweet yesterday that gave us hope that this RAW will be memorable, saying….

“OK London, taking off in about 20 minutes!!!! The Tour is kicking ass, and surprises for TV this week, see ya soon!!!”

We know going in that people such as WWE Diva Paige and WWE Superstars Bad News Barrett and Neville will get cheered massively, as they’ll be in their home country. So, we could end up seeing them in bigger matches simply due to the show being there. However, another surprise is possible.

This past week, WWE NXT star Finn Balor worked a WWE SmackDown dark match. He then left for the European Tour with WWE’s main roster. This was the first time he worked with the main roster really, outside of live events that he was randomly on that main roster talent worked as well. WWE told Balor when he signed that he would not be in developmental for very long. While WWE NXT is now known as more of a brand than a developmental territory, WWE did assure Balor he wouldn’t spend a long time there.

Now that WWE is headed to Europe, it is the perfect place for Balor to debut on the main roster. On top of this, there is a lot of room for him now more than ever. Part-timers are gone and there is a need for something new, exciting, and fresh. Balor brings a lot to the table, which makes people want to see him now more than ever. WWE pretty much wrote him out of NXT material after his NXT Title match with Kevin Owens where he lost. So there is nothing he has left to do really.

It was widely assumed when Balor worked the dark match at SmackDown that he could very well debut the following week on WWE RAW. That speculation has now only increased. Will he? Time will tell. However, if Hayes is trying to promote the heck out of the show by temping surprises….chances are Balor is one of them.

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