9-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Kidnapped By ISIS Is Now Pregnant, Was Held As Sex Slave And Raped By 10 Militants

Canadian-based aide workers are helping care for the over 200 Yazidi women and children who were released from ISIS after nearly eight months of horrific torture and sexual abuse. One of the victims was a 9-year-old girl who is now pregnant after being raped by 10 different ISIS militants during her time in ISIS captivity.

The Toronto Star reports that aid workers are working diligently to help the women and young girls who have been released by the ISIS militant group. Sadly, though roughly 200 captives were released, nearly 4,000 women and girls are still being held against their will along with hundreds who have been murdered. Of the women and girls who have been released, many experienced torture, sexual abuse, and forced marriages while under ISIS reign. One of the victims was a 9-year-old girl who was raped by 10 militants and became pregnant.

Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker, told the Star that the girl is so small that she could very well die from delivering a baby. Even a cesarean section is risky for her tiny body.

“This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby. Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

According to the Daily Mail, about 40 children are among those released by the ISIS militants, with many too weak to even speak upon being rescued. The peshmerga commander says it is unclear at this time why ISIS released the prisoners, as they have given no reason. In the video above, you can listen to some of the victims recount the horror and abuse they faced while in ISIS captivity.