Mariah Carey Goes Diva On Her Former Publicist

Mariah Carey Goes Diva On Cindi Berger

Mariah Carey has confirmed her decision to hire a new publicist after almost 15 years working with Cindi Berger. But the question of who left who has the pop star fuming.

According to TMZ, Mariah Carey sent a letter to Berger officially ending their professional relationship together prior to news of the split going public.

“I’ve done a lot of soul-searching this past year… and I found myself asking if I was truly employing a healthy perspective (not to sound too Oprah about it all),” the letter reads. “So I think it’s time for us to take a break Cindi,” adding that she wants to “bring a fresh approach to this new phase in [her] career.”

But according to Berger’s camp, they never received the aforementioned letter and insisted that Cindi left Mariah, not the other way around. News of the split was first reported by Page Six and later confirmed by Billboard. Berger released a statement regarding the Carey break-up, never mentioning anything specific as to the reasons it came about.

“I have enormous respect for Mariah. She is one of the great talents and voices of our time, and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.”

However, considering the disappointing roll out and performance of her last album, along with a few other damaging PR moves, it’s clear Mariah Carey needed a fresh start. To accomplish this, she’s hired Chris Chambers of the Chambers Group, who’s worked with Lil Wayne, Drake, and many others over his long career.

One method they may employ in bringing Mariah back, as reported by Inquisitr, is to pull a Beyoncé. According to Idolator, Mariah has posted a countdown clock that has led many to believe she will drop new music out of nowhere to an unsuspecting fan base in order to capitalize on the free press such a move would bring.

Also in the works is a proposed Christmas movie starring Mariah, as reported by Deadline. According to the article, New Line pre-emptively purchased the yet-untitled Mariah Carey Christmas pitch that teams writers David Diamond and David Weissman and producer Jon Shestack with director Brett Ratner. Other than that, not much else is known.

“They are keeping the plot of the Xmas film under wraps, but the holiday is at the film’s center, along with a theme of how the power of music can transport you back in time to your truest and most authentic feelings. The plan is to include feature songs from all different artists in addition to songs by Carey.”

Mariah Carey’s biggest hit to date is 1994 penned “All I Want for Christmas is You,” which may be the reason behind the making of this film.

[Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images]