‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Kate McKinnon Skewers Hillary Clinton In Hilarious Sketch

If Hillary Clinton manages to win the 2016 election and become president, Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon will be all but guaranteed a job for the next four years or more.

McKinnon once again showed her chops as an impressionist, nailing a dead-on impression of the probable 2016 candidate on the April 11 edition of Saturday Night Live, according to Today.

On the eve of Clinton’s expected announcement of her intentions to run for President in 2016, McKinnon’s brilliant skewering of the candidate’s problems with likability, as well as scandals that have dogged her time in public service.

First, the video parodies Clinton’s public image as a ruthless, ambitious politician, an image that she tries to manage by reminding viewers that she has grandchildren.

“Hillary’s a granny with a twinkle in her eye. First female president, first female president. Me me me me me me me.”

Next, the video parodies Clinton’s plans to announce her candidacy on social media, rather than during the more traditional press conference. A crazed-looking McKinnon stares wide-eyed into a cell phone camera.

“Citizens, you will elect me, I will be your leader.”

Her on-camera assistant, played admirably by Vanessa Bayer, then parodies Clinton’s problems with deleting her e-mail records.

“I know a thing or two about [deleting], right?”

Later, in a nod to Hillary’s husband Bill’s scandals in the 1990s when he was president, former Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond reprises his role as Bill Clinton, showing up to offer her support.

“It’ll be Bill Clinton II: Bigger and Blacker.”

Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy for President some time on Sunday — if and when she does, no doubt Kate McKinnon will be back on next week’s Saturday Night Live, parodying the former First Lady once again.

[Image courtesy of: YouTube]