WWE News: Neville’s First WWE Feud Involving A Former-WWE Champion?

WWE Raw Neville and Seth Rollins

A future-WWE champion made his WWE main roster debut two weeks ago on WWE Raw. He took on Curtis Axel and impressed the “Raw after Mania” crowd. All of the skills he accrued in WWE NXT suited him well during his WWE main roster debut. After his match against Axel, the WWE officials put his skills to the test against Seth Rollins, the current-WWE champion.

The bout lasted a little under 10 minutes, but even in defeat, Neville proved why he belonged with the WWE’s best. Another great part about Neville’s debut is the fact that he is “over” in more than just a “mark” city. Following his match with Rollins, Neville tweeted to his fans that he’s ready for any newcomer.

Neville certainly does belong on the WWE’s main roster, where he is helping put WWE NXT even more on the professional wrestling map. Now, the WWE Universe is wondering who Neville will face next. There’s a good chance that he won’t miss another episode of WWE Raw, unless it is to sell an injury. He’s too big of a star to miss a show.

Neville will also be a babyface for now, so that means a heel with drawing power will be paired up with Neville. According to Daily Wrestling News, once his feud is over with Damien Mizdow, it looks like Neville will take on the self-proclaimed most must-see WWE champion of all-time.

WWE officials have discussed a possible Neville vs. The Miz feud for later this spring.

At first, Neville was supposed to win the NXT tournament and enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Once Hideo Itami captured that dream, Neville was probably the one to come up to the WWE’s main roster next. Either way, the WWE wasn’t going to lose with their choice. Of course, the WWE fan base wanted to see Finn Balor on WWE Raw after WrestleMania.

Since Balor is touring with the WWE’s main roster in Europe, Balor will be up sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Neville is just beginning his tour to the upper-mid card. Neville will most-likely capture a WWE mid-card title before he is thrown into the main event.

It’s no doubt that Neville is a future main-event WWE superstar. As long as the WWE main roster-fans get behind “the man that gravity forgot,” he’ll be more than satisfied with his position in WWE. When WWE NXT is so successful, along with owning the WWE NXT’s longest championship reign, success will only translate to the big time.

[Image via rollingstone.com]