Oklahoma Shooting: Videos Reveal Eric Courtney Harris’ Last Moments Alive

Oklahoma shooting video: Eric Courtney Harris' last moments alive revealed

The Oklahoma shooting of Eric Courtney Harris on April 2 was allegedly a mistake on behalf of the Sheriff’s deputy. That won’t be enough to dissuade protesters who have been using the latest wave of killings to fuel the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

In a recent report by the Inquisitr, Harris was allegedly shot and killed because the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sheriff had mistaken his gun for a taser. That may be an easy mistake in the heat of the moment, but a white officer still shot and killed an unarmed black man.

This video is the latest in a new movement to arm police officers with body cameras, though the camera didn’t catch the actual gunfire visually. The audio catches what happened, as a gunshot is clearly heard before someone apologizes, “I shot him, I’m sorry.”

Upon realizing his mistake, the officer now known as Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, 73, dropped his gun.

The Oklahoma shooting video released on Friday continues with Eric Harris (not to be confused with the suspect from Columbine) yelling that he’s been shot. He also says something that could be considered fuel for the media, yelling “I’m losing by breath!”

This is similar to the social media phrase previously associated with the Eric Garner incident, “I can’t breathe.”

It is unknown if the connection was intentional, but Eric Courtney Harris is clearly shown in the video on his stomach with at least two officers on top of him, one holding his head down. This follows him running from police, which may have contributed to his lack of breath, as one officer quickly pointed out.

Harris died an hour later in the hospital.

The reason Harris was running was that he was allegedly trying to sell a German Luger 9 mm. semiautomatic pistol and ammunition to undercover cops. A previous video (below) reveals part of the deal gone wrong.

Sheriff’s Captain Billy McKelvey claims that the arresting officers in the Oklahoma shooting were not aware that Harris had been shot, according to the New York Daily News. He says Bates “made an inadvertent mistake.”

One comment from YouTube clearly states that the mistake should never have been made.

“Police protocol all over the world dictates the taser should be holstered on the opposite side of the officer’s dominant hand so as to prevent confusion. An officer who is on the streets would have practiced drawing both his taser and firearm thousands of times.”

What do you think of the videos showing the Oklahoma shooting of Eric Courtney Harris?

[Image via Fox News]