New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Photo Hits The Web

Magic Mike XXL

A new look at Magic Mike XXL has hit the web! The highly-anticipated sequel for Magic Mike is slowly gearing up to make its way into theaters. To prepare for that, production has decided to release a photo from the upcoming film.

In the still, released by Entertainment Weekly, stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, and Adam Rodriguez are all smiles as they embark on their stripper expo.

Take a look at the photo that has everyone excited for the upcoming sequel.

As the Inquisitr reported, the sequel doesn’t pick up where they left off in the first film. In fact, this will take place three years after the first story. It follows Mike (Tatum) and his stripper friends on a road trip as they make their way to the biggest stripper expo. Back in February, production dropped the teaser trailer for Magic Mike XXL along with a few photos featuring the cast. The teaser trailer had many fans craving more out of Channing Tatum and his slick dance moves.

In March, Tatum revealed that it’s co-star Joe Manganiello who will surprise the fans this time around. Although we saw him get down a bit for the first Magic Mike film, it looks like he will have an even bigger part in Magic Mike XXL.

“It is terrifyingly unreal when he dances. He’s going to blow people’s minds in this movie.”

As for Manganiello’s fiance, Sofia Vergara, she has seen his dance moves. According to the hunky actor, he told ET, “She’s seen the routines.” As for whether or not she gave him any inspiration, the actor said, “I mean, the answer is yes.”

As for Channing’s dance moves, the former stripper told Esquire he picked up his moves at an unexpected place.

“I wanted to dance, I just didn’t know anything. Neither did the girls I was seeing. But their moms did. I figured out the fastest way for me to learn to dance was to grab up some abuela and get her moving on the porch.”

Of course, those dance moves would later come in handy when he scored his first breakout role in the Step Up franchise.

Magic Mike hits theaters on July 1, 2015.