Kristen Bell Dishes On Dax Shepard, ‘Veronica Mars,’ Vegetarian Diet, And Sloth Love [Video]

Kristen Bell has enjoyed a successful career as an actress, but she regards marrying Dax Shepard as the best decision of her life. The star of Frozen made that confession during a Twitter Q&A, reported E News.

Her revelation came in response to a question about the moment in her life she wanted to relive.

“moment i promised myself to @daxshepard1. best decision ive made 2date #OAchats”

It’s not easy to sustain a marriage when the spotlight is constantly shining on two famous partners. So, Kristen revealed her secrets.

“HardWork. On communication,” clarified Bell. “Listening, Caring, Compromising. #OAChats.”

As to shared passions? Dax and Kristein adore Dateline and NBC news journalist Keith Morrison.

“We have been binge watching Dateline. Keith Morrison is a boss. One thought though, just give us ONE episode where it wasn’t the husband.”

And for those who are Kristen Bell fans, the question has to be asked. Will Veronica Mars ever rule again?

“IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT YES!!!” she tweeted, immediately causing joy among her social media followers.

“OMGGGGGG!!!! So much yes!!!!!!!! #VeronicaMars #marshmallow4life #TeamLoVe”

“That would be so awesome. #veronicamars”


But some questioned as to whether Kristen could actually influence the return of the show, to which Bell bounced back.

“…DO YOU have anything to say about it?” I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT”

As for how Kristen stays in such great shape with her busy schedule, she’s been a vegetarian since she was 11-years-old, reported Pop Sugar.

Both she and Dax were moved by the documentary Forks Over Knives, and Kristen adores animals.

As the Inquisitr reported, Carrie Underwood also follows a vegetarian diet. Although she tries to be a pure vegan, Underwood admits that it’s sometimes challenging when on tour.

For exercise, Bell sometimes takes SoulCycle spin classes, popular among celebrities for blasting calories. She also uses Pilates to strengthen her post-pregnancy tummy muscles.

As for secret passions? Kristen adores sloths. When Dax decided to bring a sloth to their home to celebrate her birthday, the hilarious video that he shot went viral, and now the couple credit themselves for the popularity of the creatures, reported Jezebel.

The sloth story got revealed during Dax’s recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“At that time, it was nearly impossible to procure a sloth. They’re not on every corner like they are today. There were like two guys in the country that had access to a sloth and they were very particular about what kind of homeowners insurance you have in case they attack somebody, who I guess would have to be in a coma to not be able to avoid getting attacked by a sloth.”

Just why do sloths have so much appeal to Kristen? Watch below for the answer.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]