Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Get ‘Cozy’ In Vegas, Did They Ever Break Up?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been spotted together frequently as of late. After spending Easter in Mexico, the two were seen Friday cozying up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

While dining at the Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub, Lopez, who carried a leopard print Valentino bag and sported a sexy jumpsuit, dined and danced with her ex, Casper Smart. These frequent sightings of the two have led to speculation that perhaps after the pair went their separate ways in June of 2014, they are now back together.

Sources say that the diva was in “great spirits” while enjoying the evening from their private booth. As People notes, Jen “posed for photos with several fans and waved when club-goers yelled her name.”

As mentioned, it was not long before this spotting of the pair that the two returned back from Ensenada, Mexico. Not only was Lopez there to celebrate Easter, the 45-year-old also was involved in the celebration of her ex’s 28th birthday. Smart has since posted a video to Instagram of Lopez biking alongside him on the beach boardwalk.

In addition to biking along the beach, Casper went jet skiing and Lopez’s kids went horseback riding while Jen followed along behind them. Although there were no sightings of kisses or any other public displays of affection, Jen and Casper seemed to be enjoying one another’s company.

Although Jen and Casper deny being “back together” adamantly, many wonder if did they ever really split. If they never broke up, then of course they would deny being back together. TMZ reports that sources say the two used the faux break up as strategy for business.

“Sources close to the couple tell us… the break-up they announced in June was a business move. Multiple sources say in the spring they did stop seeing each other, but only for a few weeks. We’re told JLo was hawking her movie, Boy Next Door, and honchos on the film felt creating a buzz that she was hooking up with co-star Ryan Guzman would help sell tickets. It’s hard to do that when you’re not single.”

Apparently, the decision wasn’t all in order to boost ticket sales for Jen’s flick either. Smart was also shooting a UFC fighter movie called Street, which he had gotten in great shape for and producers felt “he was more appealing single.”

So have the adorable pair truly gone their separate ways while continuing to play nice, or was it all a business ploy?