‘Grand Theft Auto’ Biopic Could Star Daniel Radcliffe

The Grand Theft Auto movie that will be a biopic of the creator of Rockstar games apparently has its lead. Reports are circulating that none other than Daniel Radcliffe has been selected to play Sam Houser. Houser is the man who helped bring the original Grand Theft Auto video game to life. The film is said to be centered around the fight between the game company and a Miami lawyer who wanted to ban GTA because of its violent nature.

On the other side of the film will be Jack Thompson. According to the Hollywood Reporter, no one has been cast for this role yet, but whoever it is will be playing a lawyer who was viewed as unorthodox in his battle against sex and drugs in media. At one point, he turned his attention to Rockstar games and Grand Theft Auto. The games studio has managed to make a number of other popular games over the years, including Red Dead Redemption but it was GTA that grabbed the headlines.

Daniel Radcliffe is in negotiations to take on the role of the man who arguably changed the video game industry forever with his launching of very well designed but also very violent games. Alongside the Harry Potter star will be a director that is certainly rising up the ranks but doesn’t have a lot of feature film history. Owen Harris, according to CinemaBlend is best known for his work on British series such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Black Mirror. Should the Grand Theft Auto film keep moving forward it would be just the second feature film Harris has directed.

The really interesting thing about the Grand Theft Auto project is that it will likely fool some movie buffs into thinking this is a live action adaptation of the GTA games. Despite the massive amount of violence that the series features, it appears this will be more of a legal drama. One has to wonder if a project like that will be able to succeed. It seems those who would be drawn in by the title wouldn’t be all that interested in the subject matter. Those interested in the subject matter might not care all that much about the rise of a video game empire. In the end, it appears who stars alonside Daniel Radcliffe in the Grand Theft Auto movie could go a long way towards selling the film to audiences.

[Image via Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty Images]