Drake 2015 Coachella: Apple Watch Photo Funds OVO Fest De-Funding?

Drake lint rollers

Have you seen photos of Drake at the 2015 Coachella dressed in red and wondered where he got his clothes — or his red watch? Drake has been rolling out new fashion statements lately because he is promoting a fashion, music, and sports project called October’s Very Own (OVO) that has amped up in the recent past.

Drake’s big project, outside of music, can seem surreal at first since they combine so many aspects of pop culture at once — but somehow this fashion-music-sports burrito works, as if by magic. The unique thing behind this idea is that the three parts can come together as a whole — or be individual parts that are viable on their own.

As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, Drake started working on the OVO project as a festival. The OVO Festival held last year in Toronto was a huge success, and Drake kept going with it, allowing it to snowball. The idea was to create a line of clothing that would follow Drake as merchandise options for all of the festivals he would headline at — including Coachella 2015 and OVO 2015.

The merchandise was created with Toronto Raptors basketball team designers Mitchell & Ness and Drake. A preview of the new Drake OVO merchandise went on sale in Los Angeles on April 4 and is also available at Drake’s merchandise table at Coachella.

Drake posted a photo of the OVO pop-up store in Los Angeles on April 6 — and the symbols against the matte black background are representations of the OVO brand. The Los Angeles pop-up store will be closing on April 30, and it is still unclear if the new merchandise will be found online or only at Drake concert dates.

At the 2015 Coachella event, Drake is proudly showing off the new OVO 2015 look by wearing the new red tracksuit with white OVO Air Jordan XII shoes. Drake posted the picture on Instagram on April 10 with no caption. The OVO owl symbol is clear on the sweatsuit’s pants and hoodie that Drake was wearing.

What might not be so clear about the photo is the fact that Drake is wearing an Apple Watch with a red wristband — but Apple points this out for you.

Adding their comments about Drake’s Coachella 2015 wardrobe photo on Instagram, Complex states, “Before pre-orders for the Apple Watch could go live online, Drake stunted on Instagram by posting a photo of himself wearing one at this year’s Coachella Music Festival. The highly anticipated device from Apple is on a lot of wish lists this year, but when you’re Drake, you don’t worry about release dates.”

Since the pre-order for Apple’s new watch opened on April 10, it is not a huge shock to see a big-name celebrity like Drake showing off their free promotional Apple Watch the same day — especially if that celebrity is about to headline at one of the world’s coolest festivals. One might say that Apple’s marketing team did a good job with that strategy.

Unfortunately, it looks like Drake might need the money from the Apple Watch promotion because the OVO Fest in Toronto got un-funded. Despite the focus that Drake has placed on the OVO Fest coming up in his hometown of Toronto on August 2 to 4, the local government in Canada does not share his passion.

The Toronto government follows guidelines that state that they only want to fund festivals that “enhance programs, activities and services that will lead to long-term improvements. This support helps grow tourism in the province by making it easier for festival and event organizers to offer new and improved experiences that will attract more tourists and increase visitor spending.”

Noisey reports that Drake lost funding for the 2015 OVO Fest in part because Drake refuses to use a larger venue (to attract the maximum amount of tourists). By doing that, Drake defies the purpose of the $300,000 grant he got last year from the Canadian government.

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