One Direction Art Changes Post-Zayn Malik — Merchandise To Be Updated?

Now that One Direction has lost Zayn Malik, their fan art and official merchandise will change forever. No more recycling of old images can be done — and this change in One Direction will affect a large number of websites.

Naturally, One Direction members are huge art fans and will likely pose for as many new photos as possible. However, they may hold off on publishing a lot of new One Direction photos without Zayn Malik until they figure out if they are going to add a new member.

It is currently rumored that One Direction is interviewing Ashley Parker Angel to replace Zayn. After they make the decision, they might take the time to update their merchandise images of One Direction as a four-piece — or with new members.

Over on the One Direction website, the merchandise currently still features images where the band is five-strong. Naturally, the tab that says “Four” can be a little misleading since it is about their last album — and not One Direction’s new status as a four-piece band instead of a five-piece.

PopSugar took time to highlight that One Direction art would be changing soon now that Zayn Malik has left — and published over 20 stunning Deviant Art photos that showed all five members of One Direction together… one last time. Naturally, not everyone making One Direction art does a very good job — and this has led to the creation of the Terrible 1D Fan Art Tumblr account (among others).

There are also a lot of good One Direction fan art websites that show the five original members together — and then there are also fantasy websites where One Direction members are shown in relationships with each other. Larry Shippers and Larry Stylinson fans, here’s one for you.

When Zayn left One Direction, the Advocate covered gay One Direction fan art of the past and states that perhaps Zayn Malik leaving 1D means bigger changes than expected.

The Advocate states, “Before the band dissolves completely, we thought it a perfect time to highlight some incredible gay-themed One Direction fan art, found all over the Web.”

What can we expect from future One Direction art? We might have Harry Styles trying to put his hands into the next wave of One Direction merchandise due to his interest in the arts.

For instance, Art Net News states, “An avid art collector, the English pop star Harry Styles, of the boy-band One Direction, is reportedly refurbishing his north-London home to include an exhibition space for his collection…. His collection, which includes paintings, gun sculptures, and taxidermy, is reportedly worth over £200,000 ($307,400).”

For this reason, if he has anything to do with it, Harry Styles may influence future One Direction art with some of his favorites, including Banksy, Andy Warhol, Hayden Kays, or Bambi.

[Featured image from Getty Images.]