Adam Sandler Totally Ruined The 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Prequel That Would Have Been Awesome

Adam Sandler has had a few bombs in his day and his comedy has sometimes been the reason that a couple of films didn't do so well. While they can't all be blamed on him because he doesn't write them all, there is one film's non-existence that he's now taking the wrap for -- a prequel to A Nightmare On Elm Street.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, John McNaughton's Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer had helped him make a huge name for himself. He had essentially reinvented the serial killer horror genre and did it well.

He's returning to horror with The Harvest, which is his first feature film in over 10 years. A lot of people don't realize that he could have possibly had a hit horror flick many years ago with one of the biggest icons in fright history -- Freddy Krueger.

Wes Craven's A Nightmare On Elm Street is iconic throughout the history of the horror genre, and McNaughton could have been a big part of it. He told Bloody-Disgusting that he was going to do a sequel for the franchise, but New Line decided against it.

McNaughton's idea for the prequel was quite genius.

"I started thinking about what we haven't seen before and the idea came of well, where did Freddy [Krueger] come from before he returned in the first picture? Hell. Nothing could keep me from going to Hell and the idea of actually setting a story in Hell, that to me, I was just like a pig in sh*t."
Unfortunately, this insanely great tale would never end up being made between the partnership of McNaughton and Krueger. The reason being was Adam Sandler.
" was one of his (Sandler) goofy comedies…Little (Little Nicky) something or other…there was a number of scenes in Hell and it was his first comedy that didn't do too well.

"...after that didn't do too well, New Line didn't want to go back to Hell. So I basically told them to go to Hell. Just the idea of being under the thumb of the studio and being called on to satisfy genre expectations, it's not something that would make me happy. They were unwilling to go to Hell with me and it just came apart."

As Yahoo! reported, there are many that believe Adam Sandler is the killer of all comedy and that he has committed numerous "crimes against cinema." For those that are horror movie fans, this may be the biggest crime in the history of film.

Maybe one day, John McNaughton will find it in his heart to go after the prequel to A Nightmare On Elm Street, and a studio will approve. It's not like Adam Sandler will ever get the green light for Little Nicky 2.

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