Amy Schumer, Amber Rose Reveal How Much They Enjoyed ’50 Shades Of Grey’ In MTV Awards Video

Amy Schumer Amber Rose

Amy Schumer is set to host the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, but first she has teamed up with Amber Rose, of all people, to create a promo video letting the world know exactly how much — and how — women enjoyed the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

The racy video can be viewed at this link.

In addition to Amy Schumer and Amber Rose, the skit also features funnywoman Nikki Glaser, was released on Friday, and is already generating controversy after being posted on the MTV Facebook page. You can watch the video, above, and form your own opinion. Hilarious — or just tasteless?

Though the video does not contain profanity or anything even close to nudity, the dialogue is definitely suggestive, so if that sort of thing offends you, please do not click on the above link.

In the video, Schumer is about to go into a theater to see 50 Shades, when she runs into two friends who are on their way to see Magic Mike XXL — which in real life won’t appear on multiplex screens until July 1.

As the women discuss their plans for enjoying the films in their own, special way — “Why can’t we just treat ourselves?” asks Amy — they spot a woman who nervously denies that she is, in fact, model Amber Rose, who over the past week has been publicly pining for a reunion with her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa.

But in this video, as she carries a loudly vibrating handbag into the movie theater, Amber Rose seems to be able to get along just fine by herself.

Other women bring a selection of squashes and gourds, or their own shower heads.

In other words, you get the idea. Either you’ll find that sort of humor hilarious — or not.

“How is that funny?” asked one Facebook commenter, Alexandra Granone, after viewing the video.

“I dunno whether that was funny or creepy to think women could actually done that,” said another, Georgia Hayward.

“I didn’t find any of that funny…” wrote David Drewing, whose comment collected 38 “likes.”

But most of the respondents disagreed, finding the Amy Schumer-meets-Amber Rose video hilarious.

Schumer can be seen Sunday night at 8 p.m. emceeing the annual MTV Movie Awards, and while she has promised not to hold back her relentlessly raunchy sense of humor, she has pledged to avoid any jokes about Bruce Jenner and his supposed transition to womanhood.

“I would never. I think he looks good,” Amy Schumer said earlier this week. “We have the same hair.”

[Image: MTV Facebook]