See How This Mother Of Six Boys Reacts To Finding Out She Is Expecting A Girl [Video]

Gender reveal party

A mother to six boys was expecting baby number seven and decided to have a gender reveal party to disclose the baby’s sex. The mother had a ultrasound scan to determine the baby’s sex. The family then gave the scan results to a baker who baked a gender reveal cake for the family. In the video, we watch as Cher Lair finds out that she is finally getting the baby girl she had dreamed of all these years.

In the video, which has now been viewed over 5.4 million times, Cher can be seen standing next to a gender reveal cake. The cake was baked with either a blue or pink center to reveal the sex of Cher’s unborn baby. Cher is the mother to six boys and can be heard saying at the start of the video that “it is going to be blue.” However, as Cher cuts into the cake, she gets the surprise of a lifetime. The center of the cake is pink. Cher can hardly believe her eyes and screams out in deafening excitement. She is so overwhelmed she falls to the ground.

WPVI reports that Cher had given up hope on ever having a daughter after having six boys. She says she fully expected the center of the cake to be blue when she cut into it. Therefore, it is no surprise that the soon-to-be mother of seven was so overwhelmed by the revelation that she was finally going to get the baby girl she always wanted.