Rapper Nelly Arrested After Cops Find Weed, Meth, And Guns On Tour Bus

Rapper Cornell Haynes, commonly known by his stage name of “Nelly,” has had a charge of felony drug possession put on him in Tennessee. His tour bus was stopped in Tennessee for not having the correct stickers on it, and cops ended up finding marijuana, meth, and guns on board with his entourage.

According to TMZ, Nelly was arrested and taken in for felony marijuana possession.

On Saturday morning, a Tennessee state trooper pulled over Nelly’s tour bus and stated that it didn’t have a required Dept. of Transportation (DOT) and International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) sticker on it. Upon stopping the bus and going up to it, the officer noticed a strong odor of burning marijuana and conducted a search.

Many online are already stating that they believe the stop was done on purpose and the cops were simply doing a shake-down on Nelly.

#Nelly What was the rate of speed of bus & trooper. How does 1 notice a sticker is missing @ say 70 mph?Don’t turn ur back on #Nelly.Support

— StarrShine (@DStarrShine) April 12, 2015

Upon doing the search of the tour bus, the police found a small amount of marijuana and a baggie with some crystal rocks in it. When tested, those crystal rocks ended up showing positive for meth.

Many of the drug items — meth and marijuana — were found in the sleeper area of the tour bus as the officers conducted their search.

There were also a number of guns found on Nelly’s tour bus including a.500 magnum Smith & Wesson, a.45 Tarus caliber pistol, and a.50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol. Forty-four-year-old Brian Jones of St. Louis was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, per WRCBTV.

Four others who were on the bus were not charged with any crime. A total of six people were on the bus at the time it was pulled over.

Nelly was arrested and booked for the marijuana and for drug paraphernalia which ended up being about 100 small Ziplock baggies often used for the sale of drugs. A bond amount for Nelly was set at $100,000 per the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, and the rapper has already made bond.

The weapons and drugs were seized by the troopers after Nelly and Jones were arrested. As of now, Nelly is out on bond for the felony drug charge and no charges were filed for the weapons found on the tour bus.

[Image via TMZ]