Gisela Bernal Video: Racy Video Reportedly Shows Argentinian Dancer With Cinthia Fernandez

Gisela Bernal reportedly has a sex tape circulating, one that shows the popular Argentinian dancer in a racy scene with Cinthia Fernandez and a unnamed man.

Word of the video began circulating this week, and Intrusion journalist Paul Layus then released a picture that showed both dancers naked in a shower with just a small curtain covering them.

As Infobae noted, Bernal’s ex Ariel Diwan had hinted that a tape existed showing Gisela along with another dancer. It was later reported to be Cinthia Fernandez.

Cinthia Fernandez tried to explain the racy picture that appeared, telling Teleshow that it was a profile picture she had in a BlackBerry chat and had nothing to do with any alleged video with Gisela Bernal.

The news of the alleged Gisela Bernal sex tape quickly became an international story, spreading beyond Argentina to become one of the most searched stories on Google for Saturday.

The Gisela Bernal video was reminiscent of another international scandal making headlines recently. In the Philippines, actor and comedian Wally Bayola lost his job on the popular show Eat Bulaga! and nearly went to jail after video emerged of him in a racy scene with co-star Yoshika “Yosh” Rivera.

Bayola has been trying to piece his career back together since then, appearing earlier this month on the Eat Bulaga! Lenten special.

“I’m still ashamed,” Bayola told GMA News in his native Filipino, adding that he has finally been able to move past it.

But the scandal nearly took more than his career, as Wally Bayola explained to Philstar.

“The gun was cocked, ready to be fired. And just when he was about to pull the trigger, determined ‘to end it all,’ the phone rang. It brought him back to his senses.”

“As soon as I hung up the phone, added Wally, he saw the name of Jose Manalo, his Eat, Bulaga! co-host (for the ‘Juan For All, All For Juan’ segment, with Paolo Ballesteros). He called Jose but the phone just kept ringing, so he texted him, ‘Talk to me, Wally!’ After a while, Jose called. After Wally poured his heart out to him, Jose began scolding him, ‘like my father chastising a child,’ and told him to rush to St. Luke’s Medical Center where Wally’s daughter was having chemotherapy.”

The alleged Gisela Bernal sex tape comes at a time when the dancer is dealing with other controversy. She is locked in a battle with ex Ariel Diwan, who confessed that he is not the biological father of Gisela’s son.

[Image via Gisela Bernal/Twitter]