TSA Agent Jailed After Stalking Co-Worker: Had 29 Recordings Of The Woman In Bathroom, 1,527 Photos

A former TSA agent, Daniel Boykin, was fired after stalking a co-worker. He has now been sentenced to six months in jail after police found 92 video recordings of the victim, 29 of which were taken while the woman used the airport restroom. Investigators also found 1,527 photos of the victim in Boykin's possession.

The Daily Mail reports that the former TSA agent, Daniel Boykin, became obsessed with his co-worker while working at the Nashville International Airport. Boykin plead guilty to charges of unlawful photography, aggravated burglary, wiretapping, unlawful telephone recording and two computer crimes. Boykin began stalking his victim when he became her dog sitter on weekends. The unnamed victim says that she was alerted to Boykin's obsession with her when she was looking at photos of her dog on his cell phone. She accidentally stumbled upon a large lot of photos of herself in the man's phone. She says she immediately felt sick after seeing the images.

The victim was unaware that Boykin had been following her, taking photographs and videos of her without her knowledge. Boykin even broke into the co-workers home on five separate occasions. Police noted that in 29 of the 92 videos of the victim found in Boykin's home contained footage of the woman in the Nashville International Airport restroom. It appears from photos taken inside of the victim's home during the break-ins that Boykin was planning to place video cameras in the woman's bathroom.

The Tennessean notes that police found 1,527 photos of the victim in total, calling it one of the "worst cases" of privacy invasion they had ever seen.

"This was one of the worst cases I have seen in terms of invading somebody's privacy in their most intimate moments and the most secure place, her home. What was most disturbing was that he was taking photographs on his phone inside the house of the air vents, of shelves in the bathroom. We believe his intention of taking those pictures was he intended to place video cameras in those locations at some point. Which he never did, thank goodness."
The victim says she is grateful for the work by the police department. However, she says her only disappointment is the fact that Boykin does not have to register as a sex offender as she never wants him to do this to another woman again. As a result of the stalking and other charges, Boykin was sentenced to six months in jail along with five years of probation with strict supervision and GPS monitoring.