See How Madonna’s First Stand-Up Routine On ‘The Tonight Show’ Goes Over [Video]

Madonna Does Stand-up Comedy on 'The Tonight Show'

Getting on The Tonight Show was once the crowning achievement of up-and-coming comedians. Back in the days of Johnny Carson, an approving glance from the host could send a novice stand-up on her way to new levels of success. The allure of the Tonight Show forum was apparently too much to resist for one new talent, who’s already reached iconic levels of fame for her music.

That comic? Madonna, who gave Jimmy Fallon’s audience a solid three minutes of comedy on Thursday night. During her sit-down with Fallon she revealed a lifelong goal of telling jokes behind a microphone. Fallon, ever the accommodating host, offered her the stage. He went on to introduce her as “from Bay City, Michigan, the very funny Madonna.”

The Bay City reference was enough get the attention of MLive, which recounted Madonna’s roots in the city. Born there in 1958, she was raised between Pontiac and Bay City after her mother’s death in 1963. The 56-year-old icon grew up with five siblings and now has four children of her own. A reference to her 14-year-old son Rocco even made it into her routine on Tonight.

She decided to discuss what she knew: dating younger men. After recounting a couple of disastrous encounters she concluded with the one good thing about pairing up with young guys.

Later in the show Madonna joined Fallon and The Tonight Show band to play her classic “Holiday” on classroom instruments. She tweeted out several notes of thanks to the show’s star after the broadcast.

Madonna’s Tonight Show appearance comes on the heels of a new video release. The clip for “Ghosttown” features Empire star Terrence Howard. According to Time, Madonna employed a multi-platform strategy to release her new material after unfinished songs were released without authorization in December, an action she called “artistic rape.” Madonna revealed how shocked she was by the Rebel Heart hack.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to push myself into overdrive. I didn’t sleep for weeks. I didn’t see my kids. It was pandemonium, confusion, paranoia, hysteria.”

After her first Tonight Show gig, maybe Madonna has a future career in comedy.

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