The Season May Have Ended, But ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Are Still Getting New Clues

Charles confronts the girls on 'Pretty Little Liars'

As some predicted, the season finale left fans of Pretty Little Liars with more questions than answers, primarily concerning that new PLL character, Charles. The episode left many Pretty Little Liars followers scratching their heads and feeling frustrated, just knowing that no further information would be revealed until June, when PLL picks up its sixth season. Now it seems that even the Pretty Little Liars showrunner can’t wait that long.

The woman in the know, I. Marlene King, just dropped a new hint for savvy PLL sleuths via her Instagram account.

A new clue pertaining to the identity of Charles is dropped. Photo courtesy of I Marlene King/Instagram

The picture of the little boy facing the teddy bear is presumably Charles, but now fans must speculate on which Pretty Little Liars character that little boy grew up to become, with many PLL fans believing the photo portrays a young Andrew Campbell (Brandon W. Jones). Or is that too obvious? Ms. King’s Pretty Little Liars clues are rarely so barefaced.

In an interesting off-season twist, some PLL fans are proposing that Charles is transgender. Looking back on six seasons of A’s manipulation and torture, there does seem to be the evidence to back up this theory. Fans of Pretty Little Liars cite A’s fascination with dolls, proms, and popularity as proof that the source of his (or her?) resentment toward the liars stems from the ridicule he would have received, particularly by Allison, for being different from the other boys.

The transgender theory develops even further, as PLL fans work A’s fascination with Alli into the equation, making the connection that a transgender Charles may even be motivated (obsessed) with becoming Allison. Are CeCe and Charles one and the same? Many Pretty Little Liars fans are starting to suspect as much, as this theory gains more popularity. That would certainly be why someone as seemingly mature as CeCe would have made a connection to Allison, a much younger girl.

The dead giveaway, some PLL detectives are claiming, was the flashback scene in which Mrs. Dilaurentis presents two yellow child-sized dresses. One of the two identical dresses is obviously for Allison. That leaves one dress unclaimed. Or does it?

Some argue that introducing Charles as a transgender character at this point in the series and especially after Pretty Little Liars has handled Emily’s homosexuality so adeptly would be problematic from a political correctness viewpoint, but isn’t that the assumed motive for A’s wrath? Whether Charles is male, female, or transgender, there is the feeling of being bullied in the past that drew A to seek revenge on all of the PLL characters.

It’s a good argument, as good as any that Pretty Little Liars fans are postulating during the break. Perhaps Ms. King will drop more clues in the coming weeks to further stimulate theories among PLL fans.

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