WWE News: Locations Revealed For Two Big WWE Pay-Per-Views In 2016

WWE has only officially revealed the location for WrestleMania 32, but they had yet to give info on the locations of any other Pay-Per-View events in 2016. Well, two other events have now had their locations revealed inadvertently by WWE as they continue to deal with a lawsuit about unlicensed merchandise being sold.

There was a lawsuit filed by WWE last month in California, per Wrestling Inc., against those selling unlicensed WWE merchandise. It was a lawsuit to focus on WrestleMania 31 weekend, and in the lawsuit, the full WWE calendar through the end of March 2016 was unveiled.

In that unveiling were locations for two big WWE Pay-Per-Views in 2016.

First of all, the location for the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble event was revealed to be the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. It will take place on January 24, 2016, with Raw being taped the next night in Miami and SmackDown on Tuesday in Tampa.

WrestleZone also revealed that the 2016 WWE Fastlane event will be back for its second year after a pretty successful debut in 2015.

Fastlane is going to take place on February 21, 2016, and it will be at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The following night, Raw will be taped in Kansas City, Missouri, and then on Tuesday, SmackDown will be taped in Omaha, Nebraska.

Now, until WWE officially announces these locations, anything is subject to change. Still, it appears as if fans now know where they will be able to see the first three major WWE events of 2016.

Fans in Orlando have already got to have hope that next year’s Royal Rumble will be better than the one that took place in 2015. Roman Reigns winning the big match was met with a lot of negativity and seemed to change plans over the next month.

The debut of Fastlane gave the fans a little bit of confidence that things were moving in the right direction with a Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan main event. The winner, Reigns, then went on to main event WrestleMania 31, but plans were changed there, too.

After those first two events of 2016, the only other known location of a major WWE event is WrestleMania 32 which will take place in Dallas. It’s looking to be a huge showing for WWE, and there is already a lot of talk as to what may or may not happen.

With the dates and locations of two WWE Pay-Per-Views revealed for 2016, fans in Orlando and St. Louis have lots of reason to get excited.

[Images via WWE]