Heather Bogle Was Beaten And Shot To Death

The search for missing woman Heather Bogle is over, but now authorities have their work cut out for them. The missing Ohio woman was found shot to death inside the trunk of her own vehicle — a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. The Sandusky Register reports that she had been missing since Thursday. She had only been missing approximately two days before the gruesome discovery. Police are treating this as an obvious homicide, so who killed her?

She was last seen on Thursday morning at around 6:15 a.m., when she clocked out at her job at Whirlpool in Clyde, Ohio. Between that morning and the discovery of her body is a gap of time that authorities are trying to piece together in hopes of solving the case. The Fremont News Messenger reports that Heather Bogle suffered multiple gunshot wounds and had also suffered from blunt force trauma all over her body. This woman had been beaten and shot to death — a horrifying and painful demise.

Even though there are no suspects in this case (and no arrests), the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that there are “many persons of interest.” However, none of these supposed persons of interest have been named or identified by authorities as the investigation behind Heather Bogle’s death continues.

Who killed Heather Bogle? The 28-year-old mother didn’t have any reported enemies, but there is also a very sparse amount of information being reported about this woman and any circumstances surrounding her death. All that is known at this point — as far as the public is concerned — is that Heather went missing on Thursday morning, and is now dead after police located her in the trunk of her car. Her car, which was reportedly missing along with her, was found by detectives in a parking lot of an apartment complex in Clyde.

Bogle was reported missing earlier this week when her mother had lost contact with her. She had clocked out and left her place of employment, and was expected to pick up her daughter later that same day. Authorities haven’t indicated whether or not she had gone missing early that morning or closer to when she was expected to pick up her daughter. Her mother reported her missing, however, when she couldn’t be reached by call or text message.

[Photo: Heather Bogle via Facebook]