Louis Tomlinson With New Blonde, ‘X Factor’ Bet, Simon Cowell Scolds

Louis Tomlinson 1D One Direction

Louis Tomlinson is officially out of a relationship and out of work (until the tour resumes) — and it makes you wonder what he is doing with his time. Only a week ago, Louis Tomlinson was in Dubai performing for One Direction’s last tour date on April 4 — but he has obviously been very busy.

Until they resume touring on June 10 in Vienna, Austria, Louis Tomlinson and the guys have a lot of time on their hands. They say that idle hands are the devil’s playground, and it might appear that this applies to Louis Tomlinson. In addition to the Twitter war with Naughty Boy, Louis Tomlinson has been seen with a new lady, is getting bet on as a potential X Factor judge, and is getting an obscure tongue lashing from Simon Cowell.

Dominating most of the past two weeks, the ongoing battle on social media between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy seems to be petering out. Louis Tomlinson got upset with Zayn Malik’s new producer, Naughty Boy, and called him out on Twitter around March 30 — and the exchange went on and on.

Now, the BBC News Beat reports that Simon Cowell has new comments about Louis Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction.

Simon Cowell started by saying that he supported Zayn Malik when he decided to leave One Direction — and “didn’t try to talk Zayn Malik out of leaving One Direction.” Simon also said, “I knew for a while he [Zayn] was thinking about, you know, the future…. It did come as a bit of a shock, but I have to look after him and look after the boys. If somebody doesn’t want to do something you shouldn’t make them do it.”

The rest of One Direction will stay together, Simon Cowell says, despite rumors that Louis Tomlinson might leave.

Simon Cowell told the BBC, “Interestingly, with the guys, within days, once they got over the shock they were like united, strong. They put on some incredible shows afterwards. The future’s bright, I think.”

About Naughty Boy, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson, Simon Cowell reminded Louis and Zayn that they are still under the same record contract company — which belongs to Simon Cowell and is called Syco.

Perhaps Simon Cowell was telling Louis Tomlinson to play nice with his fellow-label-mate Zayn Malik when Cowell stated at the Britain’s Got Talent launch during the second week of April, that Zayn Malik was still “under his wing.” Simon Cowell also stated the following, “As long as the boys want it – and I think they do – they’ll carry on being as successful as ever, and Zayn will have a great career as well.”

Speaking of Simon Cowell and X Factor, Louis Tomlinson is being tapped as the next face on the judges panel. After Louis Walsh decided to retire after 11 years, he said that new faces were needed — and gamblers are putting their money on Louis Tomlinson as Walsh’s replacement.

The Mirror U.K. interviewed Alex Donohue of the gambling website, Ladbrokes. About Louis Tomlinson, Alex Donohue says, “Walsh has been dropping hints for years but it finally looks like all retirement bets are off. When it comes to his replacement, the odds suggest One Direction may lose another member.”

After Louis Walsh told reporters that he was going to quit the X Factor, the bets for Louis Tomlinson as his replacement surged on the Ladbrokes website — meaning that the public clearly votes in Louis Tomlinson as their choice for an X Factor judge.

Outside of being bet on by the public and being scolded by Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson has been spending some of his vacation in London with a mysterious blonde woman. The Daily Mail U.K. released a long series of exclusive photos that show Louis Tomlinson may have moved on from Eleanor Calder — but no official status of Louis Tomlinson’s relationship with this woman is known at this time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a new lady in Louis Tomlinson’s life would certainly be terrible for any fans hoping he will get into a relationship with Harry Styles.

As far as what is up next for Louis Tomlinson, fans can expect him and One Direction to go into the recording studio to make tracks for their upcoming album under the Syco label.

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