NFL News: Darren Sharper’s Plea Deal Includes His Penis And Arousal Being Monitored

Former NFL star Darren Sharper accepted a number of plea deals across several states after he was accused of raping multiple women. Some of the states he was accused of rape include Louisiana, Nevada, California, and Arizona. The plea deals will have him serve less than 10 years in prison and include a number of other things such as penis monitoring.

After being released from jail, Sharper is going to have to adhere some extremely strict guidelines and rules. Here are just some of them:

  • Sharper will be prohibited from drinking any alcohol or going to bars or liquor stores.
  • He will be banned from sex shops and internet dating sites of any kind.
  • Sharper will be tracked by California officials by GPS for the first three-to-five years after he’s released.
  • He will need to seek approval before traveling more than 50 miles from his home or spending a night away.
  • Sharper will be required to undergo treatment for sex offenders.
  • He will have lifetime probation in Arizona and be subject to lie detector tests.
  • For the first three-to-five years after his release from prison, California officials will monitor him by GPS.
  • In Arizona, Sharper will be required to take “penile plethysmograph” tests.

As reported by the New Orleans Advocate, the former New Orleans Saints’ defensive star will have a sensor attached to his penis while an array of sexual images flash before his eyes. His arousal will be monitored during those tests.

If Darren Sharper does not comply with the terms of his plea deal after he is released from prison, he will be sent back to prison for at least another 14 years in Louisiana or Arizona. Upon his release again, he will have to comply by the same plea deal conditions.

Brandon Licciardi is Sharper’s co-defendant in the case, and he is reportedly not concerned over the plea deal for the former NFL star. The Times Picayune reports that Liccardi’s lawyer, Ralph Capitelli, said his client will be fine as long as the truth is told.

“We don’t even know what (Sharper’s) deal is, and we don’t even know what he’s going to say. If he tells the truth, we don’t have a problem.”

There is still a lot left to be determined in the cases of Darren Sharper and whether or not the global plea deal will hold up in every state. If it does, his jail time could start immediately and this his guidelines — including arousal monitoring — will kick in about a decade later.

[Image via CBS News]