Enormous Pet Leech Feeds Off Owner In Disturbing Video [Video]

Pet Leech

While videos of pets eating food in a funny or silly way is not uncommon on YouTube, one video of a man feeding his pet has went viral not for being cute, but disturbing. What is so disturbing about the pet and its meal? The pet is an enormous leech that can be seen feeding straight from its owner’s arm.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and shows a huge leech eating from a man’s arm. The leech is so enormous it is almost the same length as the arm from which it is feeding. While most of the comments on the video are from disturbed or confused viewers, it seems that pet leeches are not that uncommon. However, most people do not upload videos of their pet leeches eating from their body.

In fact, if you search pet leeches a number of different websites will come up. One such site is a tumblr account created by the Leech Queen who says they have been keeping “medical leeches” as pets since 2009. The blog offers tips and tricks on how to care for pet leeches and provides stories about the author and her leeches. Surprisingly, the Leech Queen has answered numerous questions from readers wanting to know how to better care for their pet leeches. Therefore, it seems that pet leeches aren’t entirely unheard of, with many of them choosing to feed their leeches from their own body. The Leech Queen says it is possible to have a pet leech and not allow it to feed from you, instead you can feed it blood sausages.

What do you think about the idea of having a leech as a pet?