Selfie-Taking Man Kisses Horse, Horse Kisses Man – YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video]


A man took a selfie video that’s only nine seconds long, but that hasn’t stopped it from going viral all the same. In the video, he can be seen kissing a horse on the side of the animal’s face after lining up his phone to make sure his face and the horse’s face can both be seen. When the horse turns and kisses the man back on the cheek, the man is obviously surprised and delighted, as his eyes grow wide with happiness.

Published on April 8, the video has grown to more than 350,000 views with more than 500 thumbs up positive ratings in three days. The description of the viral YouTube video is as short and sweet and straightforward as the video itself.

A man kisses a horse on the side of its face and the horse kisses the man back.

The fact that such a simple and adorable video displays the positive nature of some animals (as well as their smartness) has made the “man kisses horse selfie video” go viral, and become the subject of articles from New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV‎ to Fox, Mashable and other websites.

Perhaps it’s the fact of a man showing open affection that has enthralled viewers as well and caused the four-legged stallion and human subject of the aptly-named “Man kisses horse, horse kisses man” YouTube video to go viral.

Even on Twitter, folks are adding their 140 characters or less about the horse kisses topic. To those familiar with equestrian topics, horse kisses are no surprise.

It’s not yet known if the horse in the viral video had been trained to return kisses of selfie-taking visitors, but the man who kissed the horse certainly appeared shocked when the horsed kissed him, reports Fox. As reported by the Inquisitr, horse videos on YouTube can go viral, such as when “Archy The Farting Horse” gained millions of views from those wanting to see the steed gaseously breaking wind in a funny manner.

[Image via YouTube]