Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Take On Yankees Wife-Swapping Tale

Longtime pals and Hollywood big hitters Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who are enthusiastic fans of the Boston Red Sox, are setting their sights on the Yankees for their next project. The duo is in the works to produce a film together detailing a “1973 incident in which two Yankees players swapped wives,” according to the New York Post.

Yardbarker relays the overview of the tale.

“The story would revolve around the true tale of pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson, who revealed before the 1973 season that they’d be switching wives after they fell for the opposite significant other (Susanne Kekich and Marilyn Peterson).”

Interestingly enough, one of the swaps resulted in a 40 year companionship and marriage that continues to this day between Fritz and Susanne. However, Marilyn and Mike broke things off shortly after and, as Yardbarker reports, Mike Keikich has apparently said of Fritz Peterson “that he’d like to kill him.” Mike and Marilyn are now both happily remarried, however.

About the arrangement that was made so many years ago, Peterson spoke openly to the NY Post.

“I don’t advocate divorce. I don’t advocate people doing what we did, but it happened. We were all hopeful and probably naive, thinking that it could work out for all us and our kids. I guess we were in love and didn’t see the future.”

It’s clear to see why Damon and Affleck are keen on bringing this Yankees tale to the big screen. It has even been noted that Ben and Matt were originally set to play the roles of Peterson and Kekich within the movie. The two, however, decided to go the production route and stay behind the scenes. This is probably a wise choice as it has been reported that Ben was even opposed to sporting a Yankees cap in Gone Girl, saying “I couldn’t put it on my head,” as Page Six reminds. So acting as a Yankees ball player would likely be out of the question for the star.

As for the response from the subjects of The Trade, Kekick is not “playing ball” so to speak. The NY Post recounts the retired ball player’s reaction.

“[Forty] years after the swap, Kekich was panicked. He’d settled quietly in New Mexico and was ‘freaked out,’ according to sources. He had determined not to cooperate and other former teammates agreed to do the same.

Affleck and Damon are still planning to move ahead with the film and have also succeeded in striking a deal with NBCUniversal’s Syfy to produce an espionage thriller series, Incorporated.

[Feature image via Reality Blurred]