What's Behind Jennifer Aniston And Kim Kardashian's Glossy Manes? Horse Shampoo!

Jessica Dafoe

A product that has been used for 40 years to give show ponies their glossy manes and tails is now a hot item for humans -- mainly females. Mane'n Tail was developed 40 years ago in New Jersey for use on horses and ponies. These days, however, even Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian are reportedly users of the product. Both stars do have impossibly shiny and gorgeous tresses. Who knew a pony product was the secret!

As the Telegaph shares, Mane'n Tail has "high lathering and ultra-cleansing agents" that are boosted with moisturizers to leave hair exceptionally soft and clean.

The pony product is apparently now one of Walmart's biggest sellers, and as the publication reports, "the range now includes potions for detangling, strengthening and shine which promise the glossiest, softest hair for women."

As mentioned, Jen Aniston and Kim K are fans of the brand along with Demi Moore and model Jayne Higgins, who says the ingredients in the pony potion not only kept her show jumping horse Max's locks in lovely condition, but she has also begun using the shampoo herself to give her own tresses the same luster. The Telegraph notes Higgins' astonishment in regards to the fact that she shares her beauty products with the pony breed.

"It does remind me of pony club and washing horses, so it's weird to see it as a human shampoo. I grew up with horses and was always at the stables and competed in showjumping. I used Mane'n Tail on my horse Max when I was a kid. It was great to use as the go-to product in equestrian stores. [One weekend at a pony show] I just grabbed it and used it."

Since that fateful day, Jayne has been reintroduced to the product over and over again throughout her career as a model.

As for Jen Aniston, she is "living proof" that hair care does not have to be tedious. Always known for her hair from colors to cuts like "the Rachel," you would think that Ms. Aniston must feel entirely pressured to keep up with the trendiest of hair styles and coloring palettes. However, Aniston has been reported as being quite easy going about her hair. Yahoo! News relays the simple hair care regime that Jen follows and is now an advocate of.

"[T]he product she works through her celebrated strands once a week- Living Proof's latest launch, Night Cap (an amino acid- and antioxidant-infused night treatment that the actress claims is "pillow safe"). Though Aniston says she was skeptical of the formula at first, thinking it would leave her hair greasy, now that she's had a chance to sleep on it (in her flannel sheets on those brisk California nights), she's officially a believer."

So between horse shampoo and Living Proof night caps, you too can achieve the gloss and luster that all women seek to attain with their hair care regimes.

[Feature image via Fox News}