‘Attention Barf Cleaners’: Kid Sends Delightful Thank-You Note After Getting Sick In Store

You can usually tell when a kid has been raised right. They say “please,” use their “nice words,” and when they make a mess, they clean it up. Or, if they can’t, they remember to at least send a note of thanks — along with a sincere apology — after the mess has been made.

Such is the case of Jack, who had the unfortunate experience of getting sick in Powell’s Book Store, located in Portland, Oregon, after eating at a restaurant. Last month, Jack and a friend entered the bookstore, and before long, the friend approached store manager Jennifer Wicka with the distressing news.

“Somebody just told me that their friend puked right outside the bathroom, and sure enough there it was,” Wicka told ABC 7. “It was spread out really far, like 10 feet in diameter.”

It was Wicka who had the unfortunate job of cleaning the boy’s mess up, but the incident was forgotten until an envelope addressed to the store, heralding the words “Attention Barf Cleaners” on the front, arrived just a few days after the incident.

And the note that followed the catchy “Attention Barf Cleaners” title lived up to its promise. Inside was an adorable letter of thanks and apology, along with a gift card to Ben & Jerry’s.

“This Ben and Jerry’s card is for the people who cleaned up the throw up of a kid on Friday the 28th. I don’t know their names but I thank them a lot and I’m sorry again for throwing up and hope you enjoy your Ice cream.

“From Jack, AKA the kid that puked right next to the bathroom.”

Wicka shared the “Attention Barf Cleaners” note with her friend Liz Crain, who captured the image and posted the letter on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. As one user wrote, the letter can be “filed in that narrow Venn diagram that encompasses both puke and heart-warming.” Many others praised both Jack and Jack’s parents. Raising a polite kid is always a major parenting win, after all. Raising one who has both manners and a great sense of humor is an even bigger win.

Jack, AKA the kid that puked right next to the bathroom, has yet to be found for comment — which is too bad because considering his comedic style, it would probably be pretty good.

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[Image via Twitter]