2015 Predictions For The End Of The World? Americans Favor Global Warming, Nuclear War

The end of the world is a common concept for many in the world of science and storytelling. Various movies have given us different scenarios for how the apocalypse will happen, as well as even politicians these days.

You might think that the most popular theory was based on Stephen Hawking’s statement that artificial intelligence will be what kills us all, and plenty of stories support that. Ghost in the Machine, The Matrix, the Terminator series, and many more are based on humans giving computers too much free rein in decision making.

Michael Bay even took a shot at how it will happen, with a movie showing us how a meteor the size of Texas will hit Earth and wipe us all out in a giant explosion. Of course, that’s what Bay is known for.

A recent poll from YouGov says something very different about how the United States thinks the world will end. The most popular scenarios involve mankind destroying themselves. Nuclear war tops the list of end of the world situations, meaning we’ll all get sick of each other and start throwing highly explosive weapons around.

The second most popular scenario was introduced years back by former Vice President Bob Dole, in which global warming, or climate change, will be the most likely reason for Armageddon. As greenhouse gases collect, mostly from the often-accused carbon emissions from motor vehicles running on fossil fuel, it is predicted that temperatures will rise across the globe. The first indication of this happening is how quickly the polar ice caps are melting.

However, ask anyone in the Northern United States if the world is actually getting warmer, especially in the middle of a snow storm like they suffered this past year, and they will likely give you a dirty look. They might even give you a vulgar response involving the polar vortex.

The poll seems to favor Republicans, as in most cases, they’re more optimistic than Democrats and Independents about their survival when the end of the world comes.

The third most popular idea of how the world will end is Judgment Day, and not because it’s the subtitle for the Terminator movie mentioned above. Apparently, the religious concept that God will descend from heaven and take all of his followers back with him is a more realistic scenario for most than an alien invasion, which came in last, just below the infamous zombie apocalypse.

Yes, zombies made the list.

End Of the World Poll

What do you think will be the most probable cause for the end of the world?

[Image via The Sleuth Journal]