Hundreds Of People Watch As Two Men Gang Rape Unconscious Girl On Florida Beach In Broad Daylight

Police discovered a video recording of an unconscious girl being gang raped by two men on a Panama City beach in broad daylight. The incident occurred as hundreds of spring breakers watched without intervening. Two Troy University students have been arrested for the sexual assault.

The Daily Mail reports that police in Troy, Alabama, were investigating a shooting when they confiscated a cell phone as evidence. On the cell phone, police found footage of a woman being gang raped on a Panama City beach in Florida. Police say the incident happened in broad daylight with hundreds of spring breakers watching as the men sexually assaulted the woman. At no point in the video did any of the hundreds of witnesses attempt to intervene.

The Troy Police Department and Bay County Sheriff’s office worked together and were able to identify the two male suspects in the video, both Troy University students, along with the female victim. The Bay County Sheriff’s office says the video was the most “disgusting, sickening thing” they had seen. The police note that in the video, one of the suspects approaches the unconscious girl and puts his hands in her bikini bottoms while telling the other suspect it isn’t a big deal because “she isn’t going to know.”

According to WSFA, the girl never reported the incident, but that police were able to identify her from the video. The Bay County Sheriff’s office thanked the Troy Police Department for their efforts in helping identify the suspects in the gang rape video. They say if it wasn’t for the Troy Police Department, they never would have known about this horrific sex crime.

“There would not have been an investigation. We did not know this incident had occurred until we were notified of the existence of the video. We did not know of the victim’s identity until we took steps to identify her — she did not report it.”

Two Troy University students, 22-year-old Delone’ Martistee and 23-year-old Ryan Austin Calhoun, have been suspended from school while police investigate the video. The Panama City News Herald notes that the victim in the video says she believes she was drugged prior to the attack and that is why she was passed out on the beach.

Police are currently looking for two more suspects in the spring break gang rape case and say they are relying heavily on the video footage as the victim can remember very little of the attack.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time bystanders have stood by why a woman was sexually assaulted. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a young sleeping woman was sexually assaulted on a New York subway while another passenger videoed the incident instead of intervening.

Can you believe that hundreds of people stood by as two men gang raped an unconscious woman during spring break?

[Image Credit: Bay County Sheriff’s Office]