WWE News: Major WWE Releases Set To Come Very Soon, Talent Walking On Egg Shells

Every year, WWE has what is called “spring cleaning” where they end up bringing in people to tryout and sign, but also end up cutting several people. The last few years, they have not made major cuts, but they have released several people. Last year, we saw the likes of JTG and Evan Bourne finally let go and even had rumors of Cesaro being on the cutting block. This year, there is said to be more cuts coming.

According to Daily Wrestling News, many WWE Superstars and Divas are walking on egg shells. They don’t want to get cut, obviously. While there are many who have a safe position in the company, that cannot be said for everyone.

Experts believe that since WWE will be bringing in a lot of young talent into WWE NXT, there is a chance that most of the released talent comes out of NXT instead of the main roster. However, we can expect people from the main roster to be cut as well.

There are people who rarely see time on WWE television who might very well be cut from the company this Spring.

Names such as Tamina Snuka, Zack Ryder, Adam Rose, and David Otunga are all possible cuts from the main roster.

Meanwhile from NXT, people such as Angelo Dawkins, Scott Dawson, Sylvester Lefort, Cal Bishop, and Dash Wilder are all possible.

On top of this, you have the added aspect of WWE cutting popular people who have been on TV a lot who the company does not feel strongly about anymore. At the end of the day, WWE tries to give everyone opportunities and time. However, they have to make the most of it. Some WWE does drop the ball on, which fans call the company out on. Yet most nowadays enjoy the aspect of getting let go due to the freedom it provides.

WWE could very well cut referees and office workers, so talent is not the only area WWE can mess around with during the Spring Cleaning period.

While we can’t expect WWE to cut popular names from the roster, there is a chance that WWE cuts someone surprising. Does that mean your favorite WWE Superstar or Diva is in trouble? Possibly. It is said that there is not expected to be a mass cutting period this time, but there is still a chance. So a lot of talent is worried, and rightfully so.

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