Bobbi Kristina Brown: Bobby Brown And Cissy Houston Speak Out As Nick Gordon Remains In Rehab [Video]

Since Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to a hospital on January 31 and placed on life support, Bobby Brown has remained by his daughter’s side. Now, although the 22-year-old remains in a medically induced coma, Bobby is finally leaving her bedside at a long-term care facility and returning to his music career, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Returning to the public spotlight during the Soul Food Festival in Los Angeles, Brown broke his two-month-long silence about what he and Whitney Houston’s relatives have gone through watching his daughter unconscious for weeks, first in a hospital and now in a rehab unit. He did not mention Nick Gordon, who is the 25-year-old boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina who he banned from her hospital room.

“I must tell y’all … this feels really, really, really good,” admitted Bobby. “I want to think all y’all for coming out tonight and supporting me and my family.”

At 46, Brown has gone through the death of Whitney Houston and now what experts have termed a grim prognosis for his daughter. He talked about how he’s handling that tragedy.

“Rough times are rough times. Hard times are hard times. I don’t know what the hell I’m going through right now but I’m giving it to God and lettin’ him deal with it.”

The entertainer made it clear that he’s planning on appreciating his return to his career.

“There’s only one thing I ask of y’all tonight, just enjoy yourselves tonight,” he encouraged the crowd.

Following that Los Angeles event, Brown will head off to an Australian tour in May.

But is there hope for Bobbi Kristina Brown? Her grandmother, Cissy Houston, offered her views in a rare interview, as the Inquisitr reported.

“I give it to God one time because I know he’s able. And I cannot change a thing,” said the 81-year-old, who had lost her own daughter, Whitney Houston, die in an eerily parallel situation.

Watch the rest of Cissy’s interview below.

But what of 25-year-old Nick Gordon, who tweeted his suicidal threats that convinced Dr. Phil to do a televised interview that became an intervention? The unofficial “adopted son” of Whitney and, most recently, live-in boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina, remains secluded and isolated in the rehab to which Dr. Phil sent him, reported People.

“Nick is responding well to rehab treatment with no relapses,” revealed a source. “The quiet time is good for him. He needed it.”

With hopes of a halfway house after he leaves rehab, the insider emphasized that Gordon needs to be separated from his past temptations, including his admitted drug use and excessive alcohol consumption.

“Nick is a special person with many temptations and needs to be in a place where he can continue to heal and grow. He should stay for a long time – as long as he will allow.”

But as far as an investigation into what occurred on that morning Bobbi Kristina was found and who, if anyone, is responsible, the investigation remains a police matter, as the Inquisitr reported.

Although Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah, revealed that Gordon is being investigated, police said only that an investigation is on-going rather than naming the 25-year-old.

However, Leolah also blamed Pat Houston.

“I believe that she has a lot to do with it. Whether it be her actual hand, I can’t say that right now. But I hold her accountable for what happened to my niece, Bobbi Kristina, because of what knowledge I have of her.”

That blame comes from Pat’s role in persuading Bobbi Kristina to do a reality show, which Leolah feels exacerbated the young woman’s frail state after her mother’s death.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/WireImage]