Reese Witherspoon On Her ‘Southern Mafia’

In her charming and candid interview recently with InStyle Magazine, Reese Witherspoon was quick to point out lessons she has learned when it comes to true friendships. People Magazine recounts the 39-year-old’s words.

“I learned a few years ago that there are people who don’t want good things for you. You’ve got to get away from them.”

Witherspoon has admitted to doing just that and has ensured to surround herself with her own “Southern Mafia.” Reese referred to her true friends using this very label and explained further that these are the close friends with whom she can depend on and share about her struggles when it comes to “kids, marriage and work.”

The Oscar-winning actress divulged more about her close comrades after offering up her aforementioned advice.

” I have a close group of girlfriends I call my Southern Mafia. One’s from Oklahoma, one’s from Arkansas, another’s from Tennessee. I get a lot out of my relationships with them. Parenting, getting through your marriage, getting through your day, these are hard things, and I find solace in the fact that other people struggle with the same stuff I do. We all have concerns about our kids, our marriage, our dreams.”

Of primary importance to the dazzling and stylish star is to be sure that both her and her daughter Ava, now 15, are surrounded by women of inspiration. Witherspoon has made strong bonds with many co-stars and notable women of Hollywood over her years while in the spotlight, including Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. The two both star in the upcoming comedy Hot Pursuit, and Witherspoon indicated her immediate draw to Sofia right from their first meeting. She said it’s sometimes the simplest things that help to form a lifelong connection.

“As soon as I met Sofia, I said, ‘I want to make a movie with you.’ I think she’s the next Lucille Ball… We represent two completely different cultures and kinds of women, but we just love each other. We laughed so much. I couldn’t understand what she was saying half the time. She couldn’t understand what I was saying half the time. But we both love cake, clothes, kids and our families.”

How do those close to the star view her? As someone who they absolutely love to be around. InStyle noted just how magnetic and jovial Reese was during their interview with the star and remind that a lot has changed since the last time she’s graced the publication’s cover, noting “she’s gotten remarried; now has three beautiful children; and — oh, yeah — won an Oscar (for 2005’s Walk the Line).”

After asking Witherspoon’s makeup artist, Molly R. Stern, about what it’s like to work with Reese, she responded to InStyle by saying, “Reese truly enjoys what she does. it’s always fun to be around her.”

[Feature image via Vogue]