Three Little Girls Perform Metallica Cover And Nail It [Video]

Performing heavy metal music isn’t just for boys.

At least, that’s what Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra, three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, ranging in age from nine to 14, have proven with a video of their performance of a Metallica cover song. Their band is called The Warning, and the three sisters are trying to raise enough money to cover expenses to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston in order to “become the absolute best they can be and strive for perfection,” as the band’s website explains.

So far, Time reports that the three girls have raised approximately $9,500 of their $30,000 goal.

The Metallica song they cover is instantly recognizable to any fan of heavy metal music — “Enter Sandman.” It’s not a song you would expect three teen girls to cover, with its dark lyrics and heavy sound, but the girls handle the Metallica song admirably, and their cover is surprisingly mature.

Daniela is the eldest sister, and is the band’s lead singer and guitarist. Her guitar solo at 2:40 shows just how serious she is and how hard she can rock. Her sisters are equally up to the task. Paulina, aged 12, is behind the drums while the youngest, Alejandra, handles the bass guitar that is nearly as big as she is with ease and talent.

Already hailed as “three sisters that pack some awesome talent” by Rolling Stone España, there is little doubt that these three girls have a bright future ahead of them. And the three girls aren’t just amazingly talented — they seem grateful and humble, as well.

“Throughout most of our lives, we’ve had the blessing and opportunity to learn from very talented musicians whom not only shared with us their knowledge in music, but also had the patience and dedication to guide us through our journey into this fantastic world of music.”

The video, which was originally posted to YouTube more than a year ago, is now taking the internet by storm. The three girls are hoping that it eventually catches the notice of every YouTube star’s “fairy godmother,” as Time says — Ellen DeGeneres. The girls would love to be invited to perform on her show.

But although the three girls have yet to get their big break, it already sounds like Metallica better sleep with one eye open — they have a couple of girls trailing hot at their heels!

Listen to the video below, and be prepared to be impressed.

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[Image via official website for The Warning]