WWE News: Backstage Update On WWE NXT Specials And Tapings

WWE NXT Specials

It’s no secret that WWE NXT is taking the professional wrestling world by storm. For those that don’t believe in the WWE’s third brand, check out the show they put on at San Jose State University the week of WrestleMania Axxess. The crowd alone put most WWE Raw crowds to shame that night. The talent at WWE NXT is truly uncanny.

WWE NXT is constantly changing and evolving as well. For example, WWE NXT standout Finn Balor is currently on WWE’s European tour and will not be with WWE NXT for the long-term. Therefore, WWE NXT fans will have to adjust to losing Balor and Adrian Neville in a short amount of time.

That said, Triple H would have to exceed expectations with the upcoming WWE NXT specials. Here’s a list of the upcoming WWE NXT specials and tapings:

  • Thursday April 23rd – NXT TV tapings
  • Wednesday, May 20th – NXT live special
  • Thursday, May 21st – NXT TV tapings
  • Thursday, June 18th – NXT TV tapings
  • Thursday, July 16th – NXT TV tapings
  • Wednesday, August 12th – NXT live special
  • Thursday, August 13th – NXT TV tapings
  • Thursday, September 10th – NXT TV tapings
  • Wednesday, October 7th – NXT live special
  • Thursday, October 8th – NXT TV tapings
  • Thursday, October 22nd – NXT TV tapings
  • Thursday, November 19th – NXT TV tapings

At one point, there was a rumor that a WWE NXT special would be held on April 22, but it looks like those plans have changed. Whenever the WWE said on a press release that WWE NXT specials would take place every month, there was an internal scare among the WWE Universe regarding the diluting of the product. They are “special” because of how good they are and that they are every quarter.

Just by taking a look at the schedule, there aren’t WWE NXT specials until May, and then August and following that special is one in October. By going with that schedule, WWE NXT specials will still remain as valuable as they already are.

As far as the talent in WWE NXT goes, Balor and Neville leaving will open up some holes in the main event. The only thing wrong with WWE NXT is the fact that their best stars end up leaving after some time. Soon enough, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, and Kevin Owens will be at the WWE’s main roster. Without those three, along with Balor and Neville, that will be a new generation of WWE NXT talent. No matter what, Triple H will want WWE NXT to succeed, no matter who is in the main event.

[Image via coolwrestling.com]