Tom Cruise Remains Silent About Fatherly Absenteeism, ‘Funds Everything’ For Scientology

Tom Cruise Scientology

Only last year, when Tom Cruise was being accused of not seeing his daughter Suri enough, the Mission Impossible star was outraged and threatened to sue magazines and tabloids for relaying the information. How things do change.

This time around, news has broken that Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri for over a year and he has remained without reaction. As Showbiz 411 recalls, “There’s been no word from publicists denying the stories.” And the publication reminds that in previous similar circumstances “Pat Kingsley, publicist for the star, “ran interference for Cruise” by setting up photo opps of the father and daughter duo enjoying their time together.

With unlimited resources and the ability to get to Suri at any time he pleases, not to mention the fact that ex-wife Katie Holmes moved only a 30-minute drive from where Cruise resides, what is it that’s keeping him away from his adorable daughter and also keeping him so emotionless when it comes to tabloid accusations?

Many believe the true reason is his Scientology family. Showbiz 411 shares details about the cult-like faith that Tom has been a part of for years now and also draws attention to the upcoming release of a documentary that reveals aspects of life within the world of Scientology.

“Scientology is clearly not for families. Today’s headlines are about how cult leader David Miscavige had a private investigator spy on his own father. Everything is open for discussion now thanks largely to Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney’s book and documentary, Going Clear. What remains to be known is how the movie going public will react to Cruise “disconnecting” from his 9 year old because crazy people have told to do it.”

The said private investigator also revealed, according to TMZ, that Cruise not only has given up family and loved ones for Scientology but also “funds everything” within the church. TMZ shares further.

“Tom Cruise underwrites so much of Scientology, people connected with the Church root for the success of his movies, even when they suck.P.I. Daniel Powell, who claims to have been hired by the church… joked with cops… Tom was the biggest moneymaker by far in the Church.”

However, Cruise’s lack of fulfilling his fatherly duties is not fully being blamed on his devoutness in the Church of Scientology. The 52-year-old has reportedly also just been far too busy to see his 8-year-old daughter due to having to be on set for Mission Impossible 5. Interestingly enough, however, Cruise was spotted enjoying a basketball game in Florida with his son Connor on April 5, as Hollywood Life reports.

[Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images]