Grilled Cheese: Sex Satisfaction, Better Metabolism, And Obesity Prevention Linked To Low-Carb Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwich lovers tend to have better sex lives and are nicer people. At least that’s the result of a recent grilled cheese survey conducted by Skout, according to the Huffington Post.

A dating social network, Skout checked out just what it means if you prefer grilled cheese sandwiches. While 32 percent of those fond of those fried bread concoctions had sex a minimum of six times each month, that number was achieved by only 27 percent of those who disliked grilled cheese.

And that’s not all. Those who love grilled cheese tend to have a more adventurous spirit. They also perform more acts of kindness, with 81 percent of fried sandwich fans donating money, time, or food to the needy.

The survey also investigated the tasty topic of preferred grilled cheese toppings and bread, reported Fox News. American cheese won by 41 percent. However, cheddar cheese came in close at 33 percent.

Mozzarella apparently missed the mark, with only 10 percent of those preferring it on their sandwich. Others not faring so well as sandwich fare were Swiss cheese at eight percent, Provolone cheese at six percent, and Brie cheese at a pitiful two percent.

When it came to bread choices, white bread won the day with 51 percent choosing that old-fashioned choice. Wheat won, however, for 29 percent of those responding.

And if you combine all the responses, the most popular preference combines cheddar and American cheese on white bread with the crust, minus toppings.

But if you’re on a low-carb diet and want your cheese without the bread, a new study shows that cheese may actually improve your metabolism and prevent obesity, reported Munchies.

It’s the answer to the French paradox, the term used to question how French people tend to eat large amounts of cheese and wine while still remaining slimmer than the average American. Now researchers have discovered that cheese can actually boost the metabolism.

Those who consume cheese have higher levels of butyrate in their gut bacteria. That compound, in turn, is linked to the prevention of obesity, lower cholesterol and metabolism improvements.

As far as which kind of cheese is the best? Become a believer in blue cheese, which is associated with both anti-aging and good gut bacteria.

For those on low-carb diets, such as the Atkins diet, cheese can be used for snacks. As the Inquisitr reported, both Sharon Osbourne and Kim Kardashian have talked about using the Atkins high fat low carb diet to achieve their own weight loss goals.

[Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images]