Dr. Oz Giuliana Weight Advice: Giuliana Rancic Is ‘Frail,’ Needs To Build Muscle

Wednesday, after an episode of his show, Dr. Mehmet Oz didn’t mince his words on a reporter’s questions about Giuliana Rancic’s dramatic weight loss. The E!News co-host of Fashion Police who is getting a rocky beginning to the new year has been the target of rumors about her slimmer figure. While Giuliana denies having an eating disorder, Dr. Oz says Rancic is frail and needs to bulk up.

Us Weekly caught up with the good TV doctor at a media event in Los Angeles on April 8. There, he was pressed on his television chat with Rancic, most specifically, about her weight. He pointed to multiple things about Giuliana that he believes are contributing to her skinny appearance as of late. But in the final analysis, he believes she has to take control and build muscle to sustain her health.

“She’s on Tamoxifen because of the cancer and she will be on that for a while.But it does cause you to lose some weight, plus she has a fast metabolism, plus she has scoliosis. All those things that make her look even thinner than she really is, but there’s no question that she’s too skinny.”

Giuliana agrees; she isn’t trying to get slimmer. By her own admission, her thinner body doesn’t appeal to her when she looks in the mirror.

“Trust me, I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t think it looks attractive.”

Rancic appeared earlier in the week on Today where she opened up with Savannah Guthrie about her rapid weight loss. In wake of ongoing rumors that she is anorexic or bulimic, Giuliana made an attempt to set the record straight about having an alleged disorder with eating.

“I think it’s time to just tell the truth and tell people what’s going on. It was something that I didn’t ever feel the need to talk about. I feel that weight is very personal. Whether you’re underweight, overweight, whatever, it’s your business. But it became distracting.

“I have never had an eating disorder. I wanted to be very clear about that. In fact, I eat a lot. People always love to tweet: ‘Eat a burger.’ I eat burgers. It’s not working.”

Dr. Oz is of the belief that Giuliana Rancic is taking the wrong approach with food choices to gain weight.

“The advice is not to eat burgers, because then you’ll just get fat. But the real advice — I think she’s heard, and we talked about it on the show — is that she actually needs to put on some muscle mass.”

The 40-year-old TV personality and author is still recovering from fallout as a result of the now infamous quip she made about Zendaya Coleman’s hair. She’s since apologized and denied being a racist. Rancic said the joke was written by a FP staff writer and not edited. She says it is not in her being to have a bias against anyone for any matter.

In wake of the scandal, Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quit the show, which prompted producers to take the show off air. When asked about her and the show’s future, Giuliana showed a bit optimism. She said she is returning and “once it comes back, it’s gonna be a show that I’m proud to be on and that people are proud to watch.”

“I’ll tell you this and this is the truth, right now they’ve held off looking at people because now we’re on this hiatus, right now all the focus is on the actual show itself and the format of the show, and the segments and tone of the show; once they figure that out, then they’ll figure out the cast.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz “prescribed” Giuliana Rancic a program of fitness that he believes will help her gain weight. For one, he believes to forget about the treadmill, at least until her weight stabilizes.

“She needs to do yoga, Pilates, weights, strength-training. She needs to build up core muscle. That muscle will give you a little bit of a buffer. When you look at people who are really skinny, they are so frail that it risks their health. So she was actually bigger when she was diagnosed and I’ve done her show and I’ve talked to her many times. She needs to get back to that and she knows it.”

Do you think Oz’s weight-gain plan for Giuliana Rancic is just what the doctor ordered?

[Photo by: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]