Harry Styles ‘Clouds’ Mimicked By Coke Ad — Translated By Larry Shippers Fans

Fans who long to see Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson in the same photo frame will love the new speculations evolving about a Coca-Cola ad. Over the early part of April, rumors were spreading online that Coke based a new commercial on the fan-based fantasy that Harry Styles and Louis are in a relationship.

As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, the Larry Shippers are a real group who seek out the possibilities if Harry Styles got together romantically with Louis Tomlinson. Larry Shippers even have a website that was developed in early 2015 that examines all the potential hints, clues, speculations, and “evidence” that Louis and Harry Styles are already in a relationship that they are keeping secret. The end result is a great deal of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.

According to Cambio, the advertisement by Coke that is allegedly showing Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles having romantic feelings was produced for Spanish-speakers who use the Coca-Cola.FM website. While most of the conversation about Harry Styles and Louis by the Larry Shippers is directed at the YouTube video titled “Clouds One Direction — Comercial Coca Cola” — there are actually two Coke videos based on One Direction’s “Clouds.”

The second One Direction “Clouds” Coke commercial is a six-minute long follow-up video (or, it could be lost in translation to this author that it is, instead, a prequel) about a young girl getting ready to do a skit show that is based on One Direction’s “Clouds.” On YouTube, that six-minute Harry Styles-inspired video is titled, “Comercial de Coca-Cola con tema musical de One Direction.”

One Harry Styles fan translated the commercial in the comments and said, “The first girl talks to her friend, trying to find the right outfit for her crush (who is ‘Louis’ if you watched the Louis and Harry one where they had a talent show and [played] ‘Clouds’)… In class, ‘Louis’ finally flirts with the girl…. ‘Louis’ starts teasing her… ‘Louis’ finally comes and nervously asks the girl to ‘maybe’ go with him to the dance. The girl says ‘maybe’ she will think about it, and kisses him.”

The second video, however, is not as supportive for Larry Shippers as the first Coke video that obviously features Harry Styles. In the original Coke “Clouds” ad on YouTube, two boys who look exactly like Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are pictured. “Harry Styles” is in the audience while “Louis” is onstage. Just as “Louis” starts to sing, he cracks a sour note — and everyone except “Harry Styles” starts laughing.

The commercial continues with the audience booing as “Harry Styles” finishes off a Coke in a glass bottle — then puts thimbles on his fingers. By tapping the glass Coke bottle with the metal thimbles, the Harry Styles look-a-like makes a tune that immediately puts the Louis Tomlinson doppelgänger at ease.

The crowd catches the beat that the fake Harry Styles puts out, and imitates it just long enough for “Louis” to get his confidence back — and starts belting out the words to “Clouds” by One Direction. After singing the song so well that it amazed the crowd, “Louis” looks into the audience to give “Harry Styles” a loving look — and then invites him onstage for a fist bump and a hug.

Of course, if you were a Larry Stylinson fan, this Coke ad of “Harry Styles” and “Louis Tomlinson” may seem like it was lifted from the pages of Larry Shipper fan fiction.

With that in mind, one of the most liked comments on YouTube under the Harry Styles-inspired Coke commercial says, “Don’t deny that this is Larry Stylinson. Its basically a Larry High School [fan] fic turned into a commercial.”

Within 48 hours of posting the video that obviously shows Louis and Harry Styles being imitated, the comment by HannierzHangover about the commercial being Larry Stylinson fan fiction already had almost 800 likes. In other words, Larry Shippers cannot be fooled — and they know a deep Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson relationship when they see it insinuated right in front of them.

As for Harry Styles and Louis in real life, the last news was that the band was taking a rest after their recent show on April 4 in Dubai. The Gloucester Sun reports that Harry Styles was seen in Dubai a few days after that show — and no other information exists at this time if Harry Styles is alone or spending time with his pal Louis.

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