Angry Dad Breaks Practically Every Bone In Man’s Face

An angry dad broke practically every bone in a man’s face. After returning home from a night out with a friend, Lee Brown discovered his babysitter invited friends over for a party.

Brown, a 23-year-old resident of Ashington, lost his temper when he saw that the babysitter and friends were playing loud music and drinking alcohol when they were to care for Brown’s 11-month-old daughter while he was out for the night with his friend, Natasha Snow.

Brown grabbed one of the partiers, Darren McKay, and dragged him by the shirt, down the stairs, and out of the home. Brown started beating McKay in the face to the point where McKay suffered a broken jaw, eye socket, nose, and forehead. McKay also received numerous bruises, swelling, and cuts to his face, according to a report from Chronicle Live.

Later, McKay was found slumped on the ground by other members of the party who contacted emergency services. McKay was transported to nearby Wansbeck Hospital, where he received stitches for his cuts.

Prosecuting attorney Neil Pallister cited some of the injuries McKay received from the angry dad.

“He had gross swelling and bruising to his face, especially around the eyes. He had a full thickness laceration to his eyebrow and bruising to the elbow. There was a fracture to the forehead, the eye socket, the upper jaw, and a possible nasal bone fracture.”

Pallister added it appeared someone stomped on McKay’s facial area — a foot imprint was found on the man’s face. Angry dad Brown denied the allegation, claiming someone else caused the imprint.

Lee Brown’s defense attorney, Richard Bloomfield, explained the angry dad’s reaction when he returned home to find a party going on in close proximity to his 11-month-old daughter.

“He [Brown] made arrangements for the child to be baby sat so he could, if he wished, have a drink. He then saw what he perceived to be a party going on around the child. There was loud music and alcohol being consumed. He accepts he lost his temper and set about Mr. McKay.”

Newcastle Crown Court Judge Penny Moreland said this to the angry dad at sentencing.

“You went to the house where your daughter was being looked after and, because you were unhappy with how she was being looked after, you assaulted Darren McKay. What you did has had a substantial impact on the way he lived his life.”

Brown pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and the judge sentenced him to 17 months in jail. The angry dad was also found guilty on one count of assault for punching another person who attended the party.

[Photo via Chronicle Live]