Halle Berry Fires Longtime Lawyer, Hires Divorce Heavyweight

Halle Berry has dumped longtime lawyer Neal Hersh as she moved forward with her sure to be nasty divorce from baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

Berry and Aubry have been in court numerous times over the last several months with child protective services stepping in at one point when Berry’s nanny claimed Aubry shoved her while he was holding the couple’s child.

According to sources close to Berry she believes that Hersh is too much of a gentleman to wage the type of legal war she wants, even though he has led her through two divorces, a custody battle and various other legal skirmishes.

In Hersh’s place Halle Berry has hired Stephen Kolodny, the very same mane who served Mel Gibson in his legal battle against Oksana Grigorieva. He’s also legendary in the L.A. law circle for pulling every punch necessary on behalf of his clients.

In fact Kolodny is so unafraid to pull punches that immediately after being hired by Halle Berry he headed to dependency court this morning to have more restrictions placed on Gabriel Aubry’s time with his daughter. Aubry is already required to have a supervisor present for his daughter’s visits and the judge overseeing the case has now ordered that little Nahla be returned before her 6pm visitation period ends.

In the meantime it’s likely that Kolodny was hired because Halle Berry wants to move daughter Nahla to France, fearing for her safety with growing concerns also surrounding the paparazzi.

With Stephen Kolodny now in the drivers seat of Halle Berry’s custody battle it’s safe to say this one is going to get ugly very quickly, as if it wasn’t already.