Ke$ha Celebrates 25th Birthday By Getting Her Head Studded

In her never ending quest to stay relevant by doing stupid things to herself pop singer Ke$ha has went ahead with getting her head studded for her 25th birthday.

Tweeting to her 3+ million Twitter fans the singer wrote:

“[It] is happening.”

She accompanies that tweet with the photo shown above.

The singer who calls her fans “Animals” was also greeting with her birthday wish when she passed the 3 million Twitter followers mark.

After reaching that point she posted a video in which she said “Thank you, I love you guys so much!”

This isn’t the first time Ke$ha has went all crazy with her look, in the past it has been feather extensions, crazy rocker curls and metal studs among other looks.

Ke$ha has attempted to position herself as the pop queen of slutty looks and she’s scoring big time once again orr as one fan exclaimed:

“WTF, Not cool to look like a circus freak!!!!!!!!!!!”

Am I the only person who has grown bored with Ke$ha’s rather lame attempts at shock value or do you agree that she is not even close to being on the same creative level as Lady Gaga, Madonna and other “shock and awe ” pop stars?